Von Edomi – Mafia Manifesto

Von Edomi (Lord Quadaffi)’s manifesto for his attempt to become National Head some years ago.

Von Edomi is not only a former London Zone Head… and not only the first London Zone Head… He holds the remarkable and very dubious accolade of been the first ever Zonal Head in the history of the NBM outside of Nigeria.

Further reading available about Von here.

Agenda4change – Putting the NEO back in NBM

26 years ago I embarked on a journey that has to date fashioned me to be who I am, what I believe in and for people who know me, what I have become and how I live my life.

Today and the next three months will determine and show not just what NBM has done for me, how it has shaped my thinking. But what I can and will do for my beautiful yellow, black and white.

Libya’s Quadaffi captured the essence of his revolution in the Green Book, Chairman Mao in the Red Book and as I stand for the exhalted position of National Head, this is my manifesto as I seek your support.

We know the problems our great Movement has been beset with not least over the last 10 years or more. We can all identify the barriers and reasons why we have not been able to overcome bad leadership, greed, lack of a commitment and dedication to the course, lack of transparency and financial probity to name a few.

I stand for the position of NH with an agenda to bring about change and a desperate urge and ability to put the NEW back in the Neo Black Movement of Africa worldwide. My cardinal policies and my plans for the movement can be summarised as such:

P – Programmes which will portray the Movement in positive light and raise its profile not just in Nigeria, but across the world. Events on the NBM calendar, seminars, workshops and charitable initiatives will not only happen, measurable objectives will be set at the start and results evaluated and reported.

Notable in achieving credible programmes, I intend to concentrate on the following:

Charity – A charity will be identified for national efforts as the NH’s nominated partner and all efforts will be concentrated on support for it. This will be replicated across zones who can pick local charities for the year or support that of the NH. The intention is to position NBM as a ‘giving organisation’.

Education – charity begins at home and I want education to be our watchword and the food for our brains. From regular indoctrination of members temple to zone; to offering scholarships to members who excel in their studies to encouraging members wherever they are to volunteer their time to run lessons in their communities.

NBM calendar of activities will be enshrined in the psyche of our communities with the ambition of making dates such as the Sharpville massacre national events – raising our profile and bringing us closer to the communities we live and work.

All the above initiatives will be measured by perceived shift in public perception of NBM and will serve to show the world that we practice what we preach as well as generate much needed positive media coverage and help launder our image.

P – Politics and the affairs of the Movement have become a bane on our togetherness and brotherhood. I will work closely with major stakeholders to deliver a position statement on the dos and don’t’s of temples, zones and membership involvement in politics. This will include:

Develop as a matter of urgency, protocols and guidance on political involvement and NBM.

Work with the body and NCOE agree to eschew patronage of oppressive regimes/administrat ions as we cannot be seen to eat from the same table as those we exist to criticise and condemn. We must be seen to ‘walk the talk!!!!’

Put in place strong, effective and enforceable measures to sanction members where there is evidence they have been involved in political violence, as such bringing the name of the Movement into disrepute – the message will be clear: WE ARE NOT THUGS FOR HIRE!!!!!

F – Financial probity and build up is a starting block. It is disgraceful to say the least that despite claims we are registered with the CAC, over the last 11 years at least there has never been a full statement of accounts or an Annual Report published for members and zones alike to see. As National Head, I will:

Ensure the Ihaza submits monthly statements to include dues collected, zones owing, incomings and outgoings to all zones.

Set a yearly budget at the beginning of our financial year (to be pegged at 1 April) immediately after convention ratified by the said convention.

Establish agreed sanction for zones not meeting financial obligations.

Establish, agree and enforce other income streams including merchandising.

Publication of annual reports – which are transparent and submitted to CAC.

Appoint external auditors.

I undertake to ensure that at the end of the first year of the administration, the Movement’s account will be in credit to the tune of N5m minimum.

O – Ownership is important as NBM is a Movement based on the enviable principles of equality and social justice. Suffice to say that for sometime now the practice has been one of hidden agendas, ‘men in grey suits’ and a dictatorship where stakeholders are eating off the crumbs of the master’s table.

I will ensure that the concept of ownership traverses all strata of the Movement by:

Setting up a consultation mechanism including built in feedback from temples to zones and the NCOE – that we listen and act.

Develop a forward planning system for NEXCO/NCOE agenda and meetings so people are aware when discussions will happen and issues are being consulted upon.

Proactive response system to agitations and issues raised and build upon existing appeal systems to make it credible.

T – Transparency is the bread and butter of our Movement. We are the voice of the voiceless, the protector of the oppressed and the new black man who should not be party to all the negative isms of tribalism, nepotism etc. If our innermost workings are shrouded in secrecy how then can we challenge oppressors in the wider society?

I will ensure we ‘unravel’ the myth surrounding what we are and what we are not including developing an FAQ fact sheet for all and sundry to debunk falsehood about NBM.

Ensure all our activities and decisions are open to scrutiny for all members.

Agree corporate lines and messages for national and zonal officers to use in the media etc.

O – One family; we are our brother’s keepers and share the same womb whether we like it or not. We have to live as one family and share the same values and direction, agree to disagree without plotting evil for our sworn brother – therein lies our redemption.

We have the resources, the brains and the number in the Movement and like any organisation be it a political party there are divergent views; left, right, centre, left of centre

As NH I will encourage the benefits of these divergent views, disagreeing to agree as long as mutual respect is supreme.

T – Truth and reconciliation will allow wrongs to be righted, the slighted to forgive and those who may have been disillusioned or frustrated to move away, I will beg us all to build for a greater tomorrow.

We are all aware of the fact that truth and honesty in NBM have been sacrificed on the alter of personal gain, which has led to men of valour and a great many members being left with no choice but to remove themselves voluntarily or otherwise from Movement activities while others have chosen to only hear the echo in public ‘spectaculars’ like weddings or street forums.

As National Head, I will institute what in all terms and purposes a sort of truth and reconciliation which will among other things:

carry out a proper reconciliation exercise including the allocation of registration numbers for axemen in zones and then to temples at a later date

the truth and reconciliation process will include the opportunity for people with excuses and grievances to make a representation to have their grievances aired, issues resolved in order to wipe the slate clean.

E – Education is the foundation stone of any successful society – NBM was gounded in a citadel of learning and there we must go back to in our minds and our writings to rediscover our purpose.

If appointed to the position of NH, I will:

Start a process of re-educating members about the aims and objectives of NBM and the expectations of axemen including temples.

Encourage the award of scholarships to deserving axemen as well as others within our local communities.

Use educational initiatives to spread the NBM gospel.

C – Constitutional reform or reforms have been the norm for the past 10 years at the least but not all of those amendments have been done with proper consultation and involvement and this seems to have been done to suits the purposes of a few – a situation which continues today and has seen values eroded and a multiplicity of inconsistencies between the law and illegality.

My legacy as NH would be to institute a comprehensive and all inclusive constitutional conference, the conclusions and recommendations which will be presented to the convention as an all inclusive way forward for the Movement.

C – Corporate entity and certification needs clarity and the normal process that other companies go through. We need to operate not like we currently do but use the skills and resources we have to aspire to excellence. It is my intention to:

Revisit and examine the current certificate of incorporation with the CAC and see if it is fit for purpose.

Clarify the requirements for registration from the CAC and establish if we regularly meet them.

C – Committee approach to involving, including, consulting and engaging all levels of the Movement to deliver not only on our aims and objectives, but yearly programmes and activities as well.

A vote for Quadaffi is an agenda4change – a guarantee that there will be no more sponging off the Movement, no more kitchen cabinet decisions and no more government for the people by a select few.

This agenda4change will lead us to UHURU, without which we cannot stand toe to toe with the oppressors of millions of our fellow Nigerians, Africans and brothers in the diaspora on the streets; we cannot face them in the law courts, the media and in the comfort of their own homes, secure in the justification that ours is a moral crusade and we shall triumph!!!!! !!!!!
Achievements and positions within NBM 1983 – Date
CP – Udi Temple
Member COE – Udi Temple
NYSC 85/86 – Member Awgu 6
First Head – London Zone (first ZH outside Nigeria)
Chairman COE – London Zone
Edited the first NBM publication outside Nigeria
Participated in and helped organise the first NBM conference outside Nigeria with the then NH in attendance

Von Robert Edomi B.A, MCAM

Skills Profile

An ideas person who is receptive to others
Flexible and able to juggle competing priorities
Worked for a number of organisations and clients
Personable with the ability to network

Career History
Internal Communications Manager, Barking and Dagenham
October ’05 – Date
Responsible for all internal communications and change management initiatives; research, write and edit the staff newsletter, corporate intranet and advice senior management on internal communications and change management issues.


Introduced a One Barking and Dagenham culture across the partnership
Successfully engage and communicate a major restructure to 8,000 employees
Develop and implement an internal communications strategy and action plan
Manage and project led an internal communications sub group
Led on the redevelopment of the intranet
Organise regular staff events including awards, briefings and seminars
Coordinate the bi-annual staff survey and regular temperature gauge exercises

Account Manager, Geronimo Communications Feb – Oct. ‘05

Undertook media relations, internal communications, strategy formulation, public affairs, event, issue and change management initiatives for a number of clients.


Organise and achieve media coverage for a SOCPO conference on behalf of the Employer’s Organisation for local government.
Set up and run media relations and internal communications systems for Barnet Homes.

Communications Manager, Lewisham Council April ‘02 – Nov. ‘04

Manage press office, advice chief, senior officers, cabinet members and councillors on the communications; deputise for the Head of Communications; project and campaign planning; issue and event management, internal communications, change management and support to directorate marketing officers.


Generated a media scrum with the young mayor initiative.
Introduced communications across agencies with different cultures as part of the LISA pilot.

Communications Officer, Ealing Council Feb. ‘00 – April ‘02
Media, marketing and public relations, event and issue management, internal
communications and media relations.


Managed media and stakeholder engagement in a crisis – the IRA bombing of Ealing Broadway in 2001.

Press and Public Relations Officer, Greenwich SSD Jan ‘96 – Feb ‘00

Research and edit staff newsletter, develop an internal communications strategy; public information, event and issue management, campaign planning and crisis management.


Set up an in-house public relations capacity and related processes

Publicity Officer, Hackney SSD April ‘94 – Jan ‘96
Internal communications, public consultation, user information and event management and
procuring external creative services.


Developed a system of involving young people in care and older residents in the design of form and content of communications products and mystery shopping.

Research and Information Officer, Newham SSD Apr ‘89 – April ‘94

Personnel Officer, Newham SSD Aug ‘88 – April ‘89



B.A (Hons) English and Literature (2:2)

Professional qualifications

CAM Certificate in Communications Studies (May ‘90)
CAM: Diploma in Public Relations (June ‘94)
CAM: Diploma in Advertising (June ‘94)
CIM Diploma in Marketing: 3 Papers (December ‘92)
IDeA Communications Leaders Programme (Jan – Oct 04). Research Project: The impact of communications on CPA results. (Available on the IDeA Connecting with Communities website).

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