1.   In the month of February, applications and screening starts in the following order for election of ZCOE/NEs ZEXCO

2.   21st to 30th of March: All zonal elections including that of National Elders shall be conducted and concluded.
Those interested in ZCOE and NEs whose screening starts this month will apply to the present ZEXCO. At the same time, those interested in ZEXCO will apply to the ZCOE for screening. Elections starts 21st March 2018. The first election is the ZCOE and NEs election. From the 21st March, 2018, the ZEXCO calls a congress for the purpose of electing the ZCOE members and NEs. The elected 7 elders with the statutory members of the ZCOE meets to elect the Chairman and Scribe among themselves in accordance with the provision of the constitution. After the constitution of the council, the new council sits to elect the ZEXCO already screened by the outgoing council and present those successful to the congress for ratification. Inauguration of the ZEXCOs in the region will be performed by the Regional Head at the scheduled date.

3.   1st to 30th of April: Zonal election Resolution shall be done by active NCOE members within the region under the chairmanship of the Regional Head.
NOTE: petitions arising from the conduct of all zonal elections are to be submitted within 7 days after the said election. Appeals to the Ncoe shall be submitted within 30days.

4.   1st to 15th May: Inauguration of zonal executive members by the Regional Head.

5.   16th to 31st of May: Regional Heads’ elections in accordance with the constitution shall be conducted.

6.   To prevent disenfranchisement, all election disputes must be resolved before coming to the convention and the successful candidates at the dispute resolution in accordance with paragraph 3 shall be sworn in at the NCOE not minding any further appeal to the NCOE.

7.   NCOE shall now act as appellate body on zonal election matters and final decision maker on all other elections in order to reduce pressure on the NCOE.

8.   National elders elected shall assume office upon inauguration and will not participate in any election until after their inauguration.

9.   All newly elected and statutory members of the NCOE shall participate in the election of the national Chairman and National Council of Elders’ scribe which shall take place at the same time with the provision of 2 ballot boxes and 2 ballot papers for both elections.

10.   The outgoing chairman shall preside over the Convention NCOE meeting for the purpose of treating election petitions and appeals as well as inauguration.

11.   At that inaugural meeting of the NCOE, the principal officers of the outgoing NCOE shall be dissolved to create room for election of new officers.

12.   A three (3) man electoral committee shall be appointed under the leadership of the outgoing chairman to handle the NCOE elections.

13.   Thereafter, the council sits to elect a new NCOE chairman and Scribe.

(14) The Chairman and Scribe are then sworn in by the Out-Going National Head.

15.   NCOE reconvenes again that same day to elect the National Exco.The NCOE Chairman presents the elected NEXCO members to the convention for ratification.The National Head and other NEXCO members elect shall be sworn in by the out-going  National Head at the Handing-Over jolly of the convention.

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