Composition of ZCOE

Aye Axemen! After consultation with Nh and the Nchairman, I consider it imperative to guide some zhs who seem not to be abreast with the issue of composition of the zcoe. The zh solely can not constitute the zCOE. The zh must do same with his EXCO at EXCO meeting after screening those who indicated interest for eldership. where no such indication is made then zExco on their own can appoint persons after screening to occupy positions of elders. The elders in the zCoE is 7. And after their ratification at the congress(ZIT) they meet to appoint one person amongst themselves to be their chairman. Where two or more persons are nominated amongst the 7 to be zchairman then a vote may be cast amongst them to chose one . It is wrong for any Zh on his own to appoint a chairman for a COE dt has not been ratified or duly constituted. The qualification of elder ship is not less than 10years and educational qualification of a certificate or degree is mandatory and can not be waived. The zh and zo/c legal in the zones where we have a lawyer as lord are members of the zcoe, former H or chm are part of the zcoe. These are statutory members. There is nothing like permanent member or life member for anybody simply because you blended 100years ago. Permanent membership is earned by service as a former h or chman. Nothing like elder 1,2,3 etc in coe. All elders are of equal status except d chman who is accorded some level of respect because he is first amongst equal. The exco members are also of equal status except the Head who is above all by virtue of his position. Pls all Zh sd learn from cordial relationship that exist btw Nh and other Nexco members. He carry us along his policy formulation. He may give directives as the final General but we are always in the known of most decisions. Nh does not treat us as no body dt is why the administration has no crack. And we are solid. crisis between EXco and any Zh is sign of poor leadership.
Albert Luthuli De Great,
N o/c legal NBM

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