Unregulated Induction Wahala

Aye mi NCOE Chairman and NH!
Recently Spanish Zone and Austria did initiation of new members which were done without adhering
to our Constitution, Membership Procedures and NCOE Resolutions.
As you will agree, the major problem NBM has faced over the years has been that of the unregulated
induction of new members and you will also agree that this vital exercise helps to determine the quality
of membership as well as reshapes the future of our Movement. It is not meant to bring in only
persons whose origin can be traced to the old Bendel state of Nigeria (Emphasis on Benin City) or to
raise funds to pay National Dues.
Although NBM Netherland Zone as a matter of principle is against Zonal blending, we respect the
rights of other Zones to blend when it is in accordance with standing rules. It is a fact that non
qualified persons gain entrance into our great Movement due to inadequate screening by those
empowered to do so due to one pecuniary reason or the other. Hence the reason behind a
consolidated blending process in a Regional setting. In our European Region Inter-talk the procedure as
established by NCOE resolutions, Constitution and NBM Membership were highlighted to both
Over the years we have seen cases of Zones in Diaspora getting away with what Zones in Nigeria are
sanctioned for. Since we are not running a two tier NBM or in a situation where some are more equal
than others, we cannot continue a situation where some Zones choose which rule to adhere to and
which not to. This undermines the Neo Black Movement of Africa and NBM Netherland Zone does not
want to be part of unlawfulness.
We therefore urge the NB to sanction those who carried out the initiations so as to serve as a future
deterrent to other Zones. For the blended Ju’s, it is a fact of law that when a provision of law requires
an act to be performed before taking any further act and that act is not performed, the further steps
taken amount in law to a nullity. By this, those blended are by law deemed not to have been blended
in the first place.
NBM is greater than any of us!
On behalf of NBM Netherland Zone,
Lord Kulisamama

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