The Tobias Conspiracy

My ZH,

One of the fears of this Tobias if you ask me, is that I think more than ever before that those at the echelons of the National Body and even the NCOE know who this faceless person is.

Do you not wonder why he gives winds of issues being discussed even in its utmost secrets in both NCOE and NEXCO?

You know what I think? Me think that an Axeman with the duality of membership of both body is creating this crates of insipedious conspiracies and code-bursting. I feel an “Elder” or a Long-term NEXCO member who seems to know what’s being resolved at every meetings, even those normal Axeman like you and I are not privy to.

This fella has in the past, in fact of recent contacted me through email of a “Reformed” NBM and with the with the authorities with which he narrated the modus operandi wasn’t just a normal on the street Axeman, this Judas is an Axeman with the credibility of higher office and who is both Eye-Involved in the affairs of NCOE and NEXCO.

Some 4yrs ago, when I was asking questions around these issues and investigating it secret, when Bermuda was NH, I had enquired about alot of this, and by my trainings, I need to dig deeper. In fact, I made a trace to “Uche Tobia” and I got a picture, don’t even know where that picture is now.

Somewhere along the line, there was even an allegations that; I was not an Axeman, I was a corner Blend, I did not go to school, I was anthara, and many more ignoble. In fact, Omelele and Mayor were the Frontliners of these campaigns. Even when the evidences are there I wasn’t none of these, and you ask, what is going on!

Sadly, I was one time accused of being “Uche Tobias”. Are you aware of this?

You can imagine my fate, and reason the fate of Tobias. I want to believe something had happened, yet that wasn’t enough to cast spurious aspersions on the movement, telling obnoxious lies, creating conspiracies and defaming the image of the NBM and disparaging the character of law abiding Axemen worldwide.

I hope the petition you are talking about will sail through, and that this present administration have the capacity to stomach the who drama.

Aye! My Head, it’s repugnant that since Pa. Nicholas Idemudia went into hibernation, only whispering have been heard of his where about, and no zone had taken decisive steps to launch a search… Or his state of health…

Alot of injustice is being perpetrated at the National Level, both NCOE and NEXCO, and I know the good guys there are having a run for their credibility, and it’s not easy.

To those of you doing the best you can, there is even a better strategy to develop in getting the best of this sad reality. And today’s world has alot in stock for diplomacy and higher level politics. Remember, real change requires real politics, and Canada is at the epicenter or core of global rotary of galvanizing NBM to the next level, with or with Uche Tobias.

For my Dju-Name, you can browse Carl Oshodi.

Aye! My Head, this is my humble suggestion.

Aye! Santos Kabaka,

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