Aye Axemen!

Haven carefully analysed the problems of non registered Lords, forum activities, infiltration of temples by non students and street violence, it is important that drastic measures are put in place to curtail all these excesses.

All hands must be on deck to tackle these problems. The zonal heads and Zonal COE especially, have very serious roles to play in this development.

It is hereby ordered as follows:

1. That all fora within Western Region are hereby dissolved. There is no forum in the NBM constitution and we will not tolerate its existence anywhere in Western Region.

2. All non students are hereby directed to either register in the  zone closest to them or come together as a group to apply for a sub-zone.

3. All zones are hereby given ultimatum of two months to create sub zones out of fora under them. We must desist from unnecessary protocols and give sub-zones to any group(dissolved forum) that merits it. Otherwise the region will step in and create these sub zones and bring them under control. We can not continue to ignore these people and allow them rubbish our name without control. Though we must weed out miscreants.

4. All non students in temples who are holding offices in the temple are hereby given 2 weeks to hand over their offices or face de-axation.

5. Members of temples are hereby directed to write petitions against any temple officer who is not a student.

6. All non students who fellowship in temples are hereby banned from doing so and also from introducing themselves as members of that temple. They are to join any zone or subzone closest to them. Note that miscreants that are not good enough to join a sub-zone are also not good enough for the temples.

7. All temples are hereby prohibited from blending any body who is not a student of their school. whether the person is a student of another school is immaterial.

8. All zones are hereby directed to verify, approve and monitor every ITJ to be blended as well as the blending process in any temple under them.

Conclusively, I wish to state that this pronouncement is for the betterment of this great movement and must not be taken for granted.

Lord El-kanemi,
Head, Western Region.

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