Json Keto-Edwards – Mafia Manifesto

Former London Zone Head… Former UK/Ireland Region Head… His organisation chop people up but he gives lectures on knife crime…. He is a senior member of an international criminal mafia/terror organisation and also a member of the ‘Royal Institute of International Affairs’.

Only in the UK is it possible to have such entrenched characters as Von Edomi and Json Keto-Edwards.

Though the UK is the worlds oldest Zone outside of Nigeria so there is still time yet.

Manifesto by Lord Amilcar Cabral, Udi 87 for office of National Head (NH) NBM Worldwide ‎

OUR FOCUS – NBM as an International Organisatio‎n NGO‎

Fraternal Greetings,‎
‎‎ ‎
OUR Brotherhood after 39 years faces a lot of challenges. ‎

* Do we stick with the old ways (because na so e dey be) ‎


* Learn from the old ways and make progressive changes for a better NBM.‎

The objectives of NBM are “just and worthy of pride” for any Axeman.  ‎‎Why then do we continue to face harassment from state agencies and persons?

The world is now a global village and many organisations and agencies worldwide desire access to the grass roots of Africa, hence desire reliable partnerships with reliable organisations.

NBM as an International Organisation with a worthy cause can rise to these responsibilities.

‎I am confident thousands of Axemen Worldwide want to see a progressive NBM.‎

I commend my zone – London zone for the opportunity to serve at various capacity and appreciate the support I continue to receive, including the confidence you have in my ability as you present me for the higher office of National Head.  ‎

I have served the movement in the capacities of zonal OC Legal , Zonal Head, Regional Head (UK/IRL) with dedication and absolute commitment.

Infact, following the Portharcout Convention (Umoku 2014), Lord Idris Aloma (KC) and I were involved in a ghastly car accident and almost lost our lives returning to Abuja. I continue to walk with the support of  crutches even as I write this manifesto.‎

On behalf of Lord Idris Aloma (KC- Abuja zone) who equally sustained severe injury and myself, we thank NBM Worldwide for the support we received (the cry of a broda…) both in financial support and prayers… WE give God all glory.
Professionally, I have a military background having being a member of the 40 Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA /1988). This means my network of contacts includes many high ranking officers in the tri-service (Army, Navy and Airforce).

I hold a LLB degree, and LLM (international Human Rights) degree in law with ‎distinction.

I am a member of Chatham House, a UK world renowned policy institute. I  am founder of Chaingestoday.com, a community focus group designed to empower local communities through partnerships and cooperation.

I have credits for writing policy ideas for the UK Labour party and write extensively for the UHURU magazine and many NBM online forums. I continue to travel extensively to different zones (worldwide) speaking for a better NBM and ways we can achieve greater efficiency through UNITY.

As a dispora ZH/RH, I attended every NCOE meeting no matter how short the meeting notice was given and where it was located ( Umuahia 2012, Awka 2013)  contributing to the development of Policy for NBM.‎‎

I have served in many committees including the Constitutional Committee (for the recently concluded NBM Constitution 2016), and travelled extensively within the Diaspora mustering contributions  to this document.

I have supported and lead on many policy issues including –

* Proxy Voting for Diaspora – achieved at the Ijebu Ode 2013 Convention.

* Immortalising Jasper Onobo as a SN – I sponsored this bill to the Nexco whereby deserving lords who have served NBM diligently, can have their names immortalised. ‎

In 2013 and following the progress we achieved with Proxy Vote (Ijebu Ode 2013) I was awarded the NBM Order of Excellence. ‎

Brodas, I come before you humbled yet confident that with your collective support, I am the right person to continue on the progressive 360 agenda.

For this reason, I ask that you support my candidacy for the office of National Head (NH) so as to lead our glorious Movement into the next phase of the 360 change agenda being – NBM as a International NGO. ‎

Our focus Areas will include but not limited to;

*Bringing NBM to the true standards of an International organisation befitting our norms and ethics. ‎

*Establish workable statistical data and a ROBUST internet presence to enable adequate check on membership and effective communication systems to constantly decimate info concerning our focus areas YET tackling the menace of persons determined to tarnish our image.‎

* Progressing on existing administrative practices/protocols to ensure they are accountable, diligent and self-reporting. ‎

*Codification of existing practiced conventions to aid‎ clarity in understanding.

*Improve on clarifying our relationship and obligations to our University membership and clarifying the myth surrounding BA and NBM

We will pursue this in 3 phases;‎

*Establishing effective Administration processes‎
*Leadership Responsibilities and Obligations
*Membership Responsibilities and Obligations

We ask you to join our converge of critical thinkers for the progress of NBM.


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