Caltanissetta, Nigerian drug clan discovered: 16 arrested

16 of SEC (Supreme Eiye Confraternity) arrested in Italy. The article says they are a splinter group of the Black Axe.

SEC celebrating their anniversary today 15th June… After been created in 1963.


(Translated by google from Italian)

A Nigerian clan devoted to drug dealing was discovered in Caltanissetta . Sixteen were arrested after an operation coordinated by the DDA of the local prosecutor. IKA RIMA, this is the name of the clan that was based in the historic center of the Sicilian capital.

As reported by Ansa, it would be a joint venture of Eiye, a historic Nigerian cultist criminal organization operating in Italy and in various areas of Europe. The organization would mainly specialize in drug dealing and the business of prostitution.

The investigations by the investigators began in 2019, when the carabinieri noticed a significant presence of Nigerian subjects in the places of Nissen nightlife.

As Il Fatto Nisseno informs, following more than a year of intense activity based on traditional methods such as stalking, wiretapping and video. Following this, the Carabinieri of the Investigative Unit and the DDA of the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Caltanissetta reconstructed the way in which numerous quantities of hashish and cocaine destined for the Nisseno market were conveyed in the city. Specifically, with the help of trains and buses, Nigerian couriers transported drugs and in some cases the military caught red-handed individuals who had eggs containing drugs inside their bodies.

The carabinieri arrested a total of sixteen individuals : fourteen of Nigerian nationality coming specifically from Agbor, a city located in southern Nigeria, and two Italians, accused in various ways of belonging to an association formally called IKA RIMA. The origin of this reality is to be found in “the Supreme EIYE confraternity” (SEC), an organization also known as the National Association of Air Lords, born at the University of Ibadan, in the Nigerian state of Oyo. The brotherhood, in turn, was born after an internal split within the Black Ax, assuming the name with which it is currently known.

The mayor of Caltanissetta, Roberto Gambino , said, through some statements reported by Caltanissetta Live: “This morning at 7:30, the provincial commander of the Carabinieri Corps informed me of the operation carried out tonight which led to the arrest of sixteen people of Nigerian nationality belonging to a criminal organization dedicated to dealing, based in the historic center of our city. I thank the Carabinieri and the Caltanissetta Public Prosecutor’s Office for today’s operation, but I also thank all the police for the constant monitoring of the territory that is exercised daily “.

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