Technically Incorrect: We Aren’t “BLACK AXE” Says ‘Black Axe’.

NBM whining about libel. Really would be helpful if journalists, prosecutors, academics etc dropped the “Black Axe” and called them by their actual real name. Call a spade a space for Christ’s sake.

There’s: “Popularly known as” and then there’s: Correct.


Neo Black Movement (NBM) of Africa, a group which describes itself as Pan Africa socio-cultural organisation, has disassociated herself from BBC online news report dated 26th of April 2021 alleging that her members were arrested at various

Cities in Italy, insisting that it neither a criminal group nor “Black Axe” confraternity. While maintaining that the group has nothing to do with “Black Axe”, it says it is libellous for any law enforcement agency or media to associate NBM of Africa with Black Axe.

In a statement signed by the Public Relations Officer, Mr. Oluwatosin Dixon NBM of Africa threatened that will not fail to institute legal action against any person, group of persons or corporate organization that associate her with any Criminality.

The statement read in part, “NBM of Africa being a Pan Africa socio-cultural organization, promotes equity and social justice. We condemn all form of criminality & social vices in every society around the world.

“In November 2019, the Italian Court sitting in Palermo City nay Corte di Assie Palermo City declined to declare NBM of Africa a criminal organization based on uncontroverted overwhelming evidence in favour of NBM of Africa’s members charged with various offences in that regard, that judgement is still subsisting.

“The Italian police authorities should therefore arrest & prosecute whomever is found wanting for whatever crime the individual must have committed against the laws of the land. No reference should be made to NBM whenever individuals commit crime.

“The Organization has not collectively committed or involved in any crime hence its rights as a duly registered Organization should be respected.”

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