2021 Election Results Live

We have a new Mafia leader taking the hotseat as National Head of the NBM.

New National Head: Kakor Ese

More details including some photos, videos and the results themselves will be updated later.

Election News Update:

When is this years convention?

This year’s convention is the NBM’s “42nd National Convention” and is currently been held now. Rescheduled for 8-11 April 2021 after the March 2020 event was cancelled.

Where is this years convention?

This year’s convention is been held at Orchid Hotels Plot 43 DBS Rd, GRA 320213, Asaba, Nigeria.

What happens at the convention?

The conventions are a chance for all the mafia top brass (national leadership and zonal officers) to meet up and discuss mafia business. The nights are generally spent drinking and partying and the days spent snoozing through various badly researched, boring lectures given by various stupid people.

Who will be there?

The convention is been hosted by the National Head of 5 years (2016-2021) Engr. Felix Kupa so we should expect to see his face. Other notable attendees should include celebrity NBM hotelier Bemigho (NH 2012-16). Plus a whole host of various other criminal masterminds from around the world.

Why bother?

Most importantly voting for a new National Head takes place and also, these days, the organisation’s “only official blending”.

Election News Update: Bemigho’s presence confirmed at NBM42.

Former NH Bemigho sat middle front row

Election News Update: Felix Kupa spotted. No reports of murder yet.

Most recent former NBM NH Engr Felix Kupa… pictured center in white.

Election News Update: More reports emerging confirming a victory for Ese Kakor.

What was the result?

The result has been confirmed as a win for new NBM National Head: Ese Kakor.

He won a total of 121 votes smashing his nearest rival Melvin Udo-Richmond into 2nd place with a mere 54 of the total votes.

What are Ese Kakor campaign promises as the new NBM mafia boss?

Ese Kakor laid out a 7 point agenda for his term as NH.

  1. Global Rebranding of the NBM – Perverting the truth on a global. Building on past administrations perversions of truth with the end goal of laundering the image of the NBM so well nobody thinks NBM = Black Axe anymore.
  2. Account Ability. Lots of it. Free for everyone.
  3. Making the welfare of every Axeman* paramount. (* doesn’t apply to Temple Ayes or those blended within the Temple system)
  4. Empowerment. Unmeasurable wafflement.
  5. Redefining the Temples/Inclusion Policy (calling the Temples something else so they can be legal)
  6. Making the Uhuru Heratage Center a Reality (Which Felix Kupa opened that several days ago)
  7. Having the listening ears of every Axeman.

Further stating that a vote for him to be National Head would be “a vote for transparency, a vote for every axeman, a vote for accountability, a vote to sanatize the movement, a vote for global security for all axemen worldwide and a vote sanctioned by Oludumare.

Who voted for Ese Kakor?

121 voters cast their vote for him on the day in a secret ballot.

However some of Mr Kakor’s voters are known. Having endorsed his campaign under the slogan ‘The Right Man For The Job’

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