Date: 14/3/21

Source: https://www.qcodemag.it/podcast/sentiti-libera-mafie-nigeriane-origini-e-sviluppi-dei-cult-in-italia/

Three podcast episodes on the cults born in Nigeria during the student movements in the country’s universities and today become transnational criminal organizations

Born as brotherhoods during the anti-colonial student movements in the universities of Nigeria, they have evolved to become transnational criminal organizations: they are the Nigerian mafias . Today they are known as real mafia associations , rooted all over the world and also in Italy, where there are several cults – starting with the Black Ax, the Eiye, the Maphite and the Vikings – each with its own rituals and characteristics.

A topic explored by Lorenzo Pirozzi in the podcast of Sentiti Libera , which in three episodes analyzes the Nigerian mafias, recounting their origins, organization, economic interests and ties with the Italian mafias. 

The first episode, with a focus on the Italian investigative operations that led to the discovery of criminal groups of Nigerian ethnic origin, with the voices of Mario Portanova , journalist of the Fatto Quotidiano, and Sergio Nazzaro , writer and expert in organized crime and foreign mafias: 


The violence, the clashes between gangs and the initiation rites have made the Nigerian mafias recognizable and feared in all areas of the world where they have settled. However, the appearance that criminal groups assume today are not innate, but are the result of an articulated historical process that has led the student brotherhoods to transform themselves into real criminal associations. Extremely structured mafias internally, with well-defined hierarchies and roles assigned within each group, which allow widespread control of criminal activities.

The second episode of Lorenzo Pirozzi ‘s podcast on Nigerian mafias, with the voices of journalists Mario Portanova and Neila Zaizer .


“ The greatest favor you can do to any mafia, of any ethnicity, is silence. We need to talk about the mafias and above all about the little known ones ”.

The Nigerian mafias operate with the approval of the Italian mafias : a coexistence relationship that arises from the division of illegal business between groups. Thus, particularly in some regions, Nigerian cults have taken on a prominence in criminal activities and have also been recognized at the judicial level as mafia associations.

The latest episode of the podcast series on Nigerian mafias, a podcast by Lorenzo Pirozzi with the voices of Mario Portanova and Sergio Nazzaro .


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