Nigerian Mafia drug ring dismantled in Italy

If I paid someone to dismantle a shed in my garden and they took away 16 pieces of wood and left hundreds of pieces still standing… I’d argue they hadn’t in fact dismantled anything.


At least 16 people were arrested by Italian police on Tuesday after dismantling a Nigerian Mafia drug ring in the northern city of Trento, Italian news agency ANSA reported.

In their report, Italian police said they had carried out 20 raids in the regions of Trentino, Veneto and Lombardy, as part of the operation, dubbed ‘Underground’. An operation that made it possible to dismantle the gang that controlled drug trafficking in Trento. The 16 people arrested are drug dealers who “shuttled” between Trento and Venice for supplies

According to ANSA, drug trafficking and distribution were managed by a Nigerian woman, Agho Isoken Tina, alias Mama T. She would have been assisted by her son and her sister-in-law. The gang is said to have used prostitutes, one of the basic activities of the Nigerian mafia, to sell their goods. For the commander of the flying squad of Trento, Tommaso Niglio, who led the operation, most of the clients of his gangs represent asylum seekers who risk their lives in search of their daily fix. Half a kilogram of cocaine and heroin was also seized during the raid.

The Nigerian Mafia or the ” Black Ax”

Born in the footsteps of Cosa Nostra (Sicilian mafia) and Camorra (Naples mafia), the Nigerian mafia has taken up residence in southern Italy. Long subordinated to the Sicilian mafia where it managed the prostitution, drugs and human trafficking market, it gradually stood out especially after the birth of the ” Black Ax”, a network born in Nigeria and then exported to Italy. It is a well-structured organization, with international links, in Europe [notably in Nantes] and in the United States.

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