Message From The National Head NBM Worldwide

Aye! Axe-men, 
It’s has become imperative for leaders of this Movement to look inwards following the constant embarrasement and denting of our image by some unscrupulous Lords involvement in nefarious business activities. The Canadian case is a recent example of how the movement constantly suffers from indecent acts perpetuated by such individuals.

Therefore, the movement is going to scrutinise all office holders from National to Sub-zonal level, any any office holder found currently involved in acts of Fraud (419), Drug Trafficking, Smuggling, Robbery, e.t.c. will have to re relinquish such office.

It is time for cleansing; as we can not afford to allow a few lousy men to drag our name to the mud all the time. You cannot mix NBM with illicit business. It’s either you remain in the movement as respectable citizen or you leave and reign as criminal baron. The legitimates and illegitimates cannot work together.

All hands must be on deck to carry this cleansing. Do  not hesitate to bring to the notice of the National Body any office holder found wanting within your zones, region and NBM in general.

Lord Mokiti Mozuzu
( WWNH )

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