Directive from NBM national Head as Regards Excos Involved in illicit act

Aye axemen

In furtherance  to my last message, where I mentioned that all officials of our movement who engage in illicit/illegal dealings which includes but not limited to : Drug and human trafficking, Prostitution racketeering, Graft etc should immediately drop the offices they occupy upon discovery of their involvement in any of the above listed,for avoidance of doubt and clarity purpose I reiterate that the instruction must be adhered to..

Again,the above is not limited to just people in Europe but everywhere in the world where we have operational regions and zones which includes Asia, North America, Southern Africa, Uk/IRL as well as all zones in Nigeria.Egypt is not left out.

The order is effective immediately and I will deal ruthlessly with anyone who attempts to circumvent the whole in any way,manner or form.

I remain,

Mokiti Mozuzu
National head
Nbm worldwide

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