Bloody Edo: Corpses Litter Benin City As Another Dead Body Lies In Front Of Uselu Market This Morning.

7 days into the year and we have a death toll of 10 (just in Benin City??). Certainly little chance The NBM Murders section is going to be started back up any time soon. 10 murders over the whole year (would be bad enough) and I might have started it back up. The NBM are killing machines with too many murders to actually keep track of.

“They’re involved in drug trafficking, arms trafficking, racketeering, and killing is second nature” – Canadian Court Case.

Shooting people… Macheting people…. Shooting people and then hacking them up with machetes to mix things up a bit.

Still very few people taking note.

Some of the videos are below this article and: VIEWER DISCRETION IS HIGHLY ADVISED


It is painful that Benin City once again is in the headlines for negative reasons.

Since this year alone no fewer than 10 deaths have been recorded following a bitter rivalry between Eiye confraternity and the Black Axe movement.

Gory videos of bloody massacres are all over the internet with sorrows tears and blood everywhere.

As at the time of filing this report another victim of the bloody war was recorded this morning.

As we speak a corpse that is bullet-ridden is presently lying in front of Uselu Market Benin City.

Security agencies should please do the needful and bring the security under control in Edo State.

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