Uraka High Temple Wahala

What is wrong with this picture?

  1. It shows that NBM didn’t withdraw from the university system as a) it claims and b) is required under Nigerian law…. given that it shows Uraka High Temple was formed 7 years ago.

2. It shows that the NBM today are still very much involved in the university system despite a) what it claims and b) what is required under Nigerian law…. given that it shows Uraka High Temple will celebrate it’s 7th year in existence.

Of course publicly this is not what the above picture shows. It shows some renegade bad eggs going against the NBM’s orders. As they are doing in every university across the land.

Privately though it’s soon time for the mother of all jollies at Uraka High Temple.

I dont think it’s in the temple list here…. but FYI Uraka HT = Micheal Otedola College of Education, Epe.

It had some problems at the Jan 2020 Jolly when non-members turned up and robbed the members of their phones and shoes:

aye axe men! this one na mata wey pv me wella 


 i no no if any other egede man the observe am, the mata no pass say as a strong man wey u be, na u come the get stress pass ur jew for uraka ht jolly, so tey men no the return with both thier jew and even thier phones, naxo them go sapa every were, even off ur wembley, disarm ur klb wey u go take tp come back, they no care how u want run, shey that one na nbm we still the practice, no b lose guarding be that? so tey some lordies for uraka jolly self go the sapa, why cant we just get something doing and stop inconveniencing our fellow brothers? why do you go to jolly this days because u want to go disarm what your brother worked for, why have you allow laziness to eat you up to that extend, why not reserve you agility, for future challenges, is that we orientation or the truth and knowledge about this movement, why are we deviating from the ways of our ff, when will all this stop, wen will we start using our offices well……………please my fellow solid axemen make this mata for no die  go like that, am sure some of you has your experiences in other temple jolly, pls err until it goes to were things will take a good turn for the sake of our beloved movement, aye axe men!

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