Backlash As Student Union Government Offa Federal Polytechnic Presents Merit Award To Cult Groups


Backlash As Student Union Government  Offa Federal Polytechnic Presents Merit Award To Cult Groups

Can you imagine? This one is wonderful, imagine the Student Union Government, SUG  of an institution presenting awards to cult groups on campus?

Anyway, the Student Union Government of Offa Federal Polytechnic led by Comrade Adigun has come under heavy backlash for presenting merit awards to various cult groups.

One wonders what was the essence of such an award? Was it a PR for cult groups or a sincere act of gratitude?

Imagine the awards presented by the Student Union Body? The award presented to Ayes AKA Black AXE on campus was for being the best freedom fighters on campus for the 2019/2020 session.

Then the Supreme Eiye confraternity was given an award for being the most influential cult gang on campus.

While the Buccaneers Confraternity  AKA Alora was awarded for being the finest group on campus.

This one is loud and many respondents have queried the rationale behind such awards to cult gangs.

Please drop your views as regards this worrisome development.

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