BAD Communication

Muammar al-Gaddafi. As he’s known within the criminal organisation that is the NBM.

Von Edomi. As he’s known to his friends and colleagues at Barking and Dagenham Council.

It’d be pretty scandalous enough simply knowing that BAD Council had employed a member of the NBM into it’s management and he was conducting his affairs with the aforementioned criminal organisation during his free time.

However as will be detailed below the majority of communications sent by the BAD communication manager to the NBM are actually during office hours and during the working week.

Having held the roles of ‘Internal Communications Manager’, ‘Media and PR Manager’ and currently ‘Corporate Communications Manager’ it’s important to point out that Von is paid his salary by the local tax-payers and works for them as a servant.

Obviously when he forwards former NBM London Head Lord Amilcar Cabral’s application to become National Head of the NBM on a Thursday at 11.47am although this time is possibly been paid for by the council (and the tax-payer) I don’t believe they know they are paying him to do this.

It’s clearly a perversion of his role, a mis-use of his time and in any ordinary situation it would be gross-misconduct. Possibly irrespective of whether it was a criminal organisation he was communicating with or not.

Other communications to the NBM during office working hours are a little less clear as to whether he’s undertaking official duties or not.

Again… If Von was to message the NBM on a Sunday afternoon I wouldn’t for a moment think he was acting in his capacity of BAD’s communication manager. However when a request is made to him from his “council leader” and he passes the request onto the NBM (through a secret NBM forum) during office hours people can be forgiven for been confused if he’s acting in his official capacity or not.

It’s also confusing when Von’s role once included: “strategy formulation and campaign planning, advising senior managers and elected politicians” that, during office hours, he’s messaging the NBM about local political issues and mobilizing them against the opponents of the MP’s of BAD.

Its unclear whether he is doing this out of his own self-interest or not. (Either way I’m sure that BAD council would not approve of Von using the NBM for their own interests)

Von has been made aware of the posts here on the blog (not sure by whom) and in the last couple of weeks and has reacted by removing (or hiding) a number of controversial posts (including the jihad one… already screenshotted) and has hidden his friends list (which i described as a “who’s who of the Nigerian mafia” and which I’ve already copied out in it’s entirety and is safe for future reference).

What he can’t remove though are his communications with members of the NBM via several secret London Zone forum that are now archived. Or indeed his communications with Bemigho which have been open source for a number of years.

All he has left is to do is furiously press his ‘NBM Plausible Deniability’ button. Standard issue on all NBM members.

“They say you are Black Axe”…. “No, I’m NBM”

“They say you are part of a criminal organisation”… “We visit orphanages”

“They say the NBM is actually the Black Axe”… “We are actually the Uhuru Foundation”

“They say you message Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo during office hours”…. “I’ve never heard of him”

In early Feb 2015 Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo’s entire facebook chat history was dumped on the internet. The UK’s Crown Prosecution Service later describing Bemigho as “the leader of a notorious Nigerian crime gang” when they convicted his siblings for “laundering nearly £1m for the Black Axe organised crime syndicate through UK bank accounts”

Performing a CTRL+F on the Bemigho’s facebook messages text with “Edomi” and it brings up some results. It shows Bemigho’s communications with someone called ‘Edomi’…. First name: Von.

In 2012 Von helped Bemigho write his National Head election speech.

Bemigho messages him on a Wednesday afternoon during office hours and Von replies back quickly “No yawa on the job asap” (No Problem. I’ll help with your speech as soon as possible).

Later that day he replies with a partial copy of Bemigho’s speech for him

Von Edomi Friday, March 16, 2012 at 7:17pm UTC+01

LAYING THE FOUNDATIONS OF A GOLDEN PERIOD FOR NBM Aye Axemen, The Neo Black Movement of Africa is 35 years this year and in the next 15 years we will be celebrating our ‘Golden Jubilee’ with strongmen, Korofo keep our elders age 70 years old and thereabouts. I stand before you seeking your support to become the next NH of the NBM Africa, not because I consider myself the long awaited Messiah but because I want to help lay the foundations of a greater tomorrow. In my 2xx years in the Movement, I have served in various capacities and notched a number of firsts notably…… Achievements and positions in NBM to date We all know the problems our great Movement faces not least over the last 10 years or more. We can all identify the barriers and reasons why we have not been able to overcome bad leadership, greed, lack of a commitment and dedication to the course, lack of transparency and financial probity to name a few. I stand for the position of NH with an agenda to bring about change and a desperate urge and ability to put the PRIDE back in the Neo Black Movement of Africa. As a NH, I will want us to go back to the basis, where love of self and brotherhood made you a better axeman than how much you have in your pocket; where the truth you stand for puts you head and shoulders above all rather than who you know. We need to go back to our original ideals and in today’s Nigeria, fellow axemen our country is crying out for the neo blackist ideology and we must all stand to be counted and remember the oath we all swore. The Neo Black Movement was born in the temples and as the adage goes you have to know who you are and where you come from in order to ensure you get to where you are going to. We must work closely with strongmen in our temples, forums (where applicable), zones at home and in the diaspora – so that we can all speak with one voice and move with one spirit. A cry from one of us must echo …….. Not only will information dissemination be the watchword of my administration, but importantly orientation – to ensure we are no longer an organisation where things have different meanings based on where you were initiated or who initiated you – we all have to sing from the same hymn sheet. As NH I will ensure we continue where my predecessors left off with close liaision with like minded organisations, making the recertification process an achievable reality and most importantly make real the prospect of a permanent home for the movement – our Secretariat. In the short term I see the immediate problems of the Movement as threefold namely temple and youth violence, finance and the politicisation of the movement with its unfolding and related ills. As NH I intend to tackle these ills in the following ways:

Later the next month Bemigho’s speech writer (or proof reader) Von Edomi contacts Bemigho again.

Von Edomi Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 2:58pm UTC+02

Na once u call me from France and I think say u still de as I go enter Vienna Monday for 4 days and back to London – no yawa I go holla u after work. How the madam and the children?

In the context of the conversation I believe this is Von arranging (during office hours and during the working week) to meet with Bemigho in Austria. Taking the week off work (I hope and assume) to go and meet with the head of a criminal organisation.

Which organisation? The Black Axe or the NBM?

Of course they are one in the same. Although it’s routinely used as a defence when an NBM member pushes his ‘NBM Plausible Deniability’ button.

Either way Von certainly has an interest in news articles relating to “The Black Axe” (The NBM’s more popularly known name… albeit it inaccurate)

On Wednesday 12th Oct 2011 at 15:24 (during office hours and during the working week) Von shares to all NBM members of a secret NBM forum an article about the arrests of 8 Black Axe members in Italy. Asking for a translation.

Lord Santo Payama (Dafe Otite…. Von’s fellow company director at ‘Neo Black Movement Limted’) replies with a translation:

Nigerian mafia, arrested eight members of the Black Axe members NAPOLI.Otto Nigerian mafia organization “Black Axe” (Black Axe), active in various locations in Italy and in various states of Europe, responsible for criminal conspiracy to mafia-type and, for various reasons, extortion, prostitution, and illegal possession of arms port, threats and personal injury, counterfeit identity documents, were arrested by the police of sati investigative Unit of Castello di Cisterna, running a ‘order for preventive detention. The survey, coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Naples, carried out with traditional and technical survey activities, has documented the structure of the group and the violence, intimidation and the climate of absolute silence typical of the Mafia, with the imposition of payment of large sums of money to finance the association and extortion even to those who managed the exploitation of prostitutes. Also documented esoteric rituals of initiation and affiliation to the group “Black Axe” novices were whipped blood to test their resistance to torture, and was cut the entire tip of a thumb to establish group membership.

The icing on the cake of this exchange is the following reply from Lord Jaja-Jawara (Best Tailor):

My formal, this information plenty ooh. My question be say how them they know all this levels, all to the extent of initiation.

Lord jaja-jawara


ZB. London

Which to me clearly indicates they are acknowledging (as they often do in private) that they are all Black Axe. Of course there is no difference between the initiation described in the article and the initiation undertaken by Von and his fellow NBM mafia buddies. Which is why they are surpirsed and concerned and why Von has an interest in members of the “Black Axe” been arrested in Italy.

It’s not the only instance of Von indicating he is a member of what is popularly known as the Black Axe.

Lord Jaja-Jawara (Best Tailor) messages the NBM group with an article that starts “At the last count 10 persons had been hacked to death in the war between the Eiye Confraternity and the Black Axe in Benin”

To which Von replies: “My broda, Seems we are naïve about what our movement has become.”

Well even if Von is correct that he was naïve to what the NBM had become why didn’t he leave at that moment? Instead in full awareness of what the organisation he belongs to does he continues to message the criminal organisation’s forums. Directing, instructing and sharing information during the working week and during office hours.

I analysed several NBM forums and found 150 messages from Von to the groups. Less than 20% of these messages were outside of office hours during the working week. Assuming he doesn’t get over a 100+ days holiday a year and 7 hours for dinner each day a majority of these messages/posts he publishes to the group is during time he is paid money from UK tax payers to work.

So what kind of things does Von Edomi post to the NBM forums while been paid by the local taxpayer? Other than the latest Black Axe news of course…..

Some time after he recognised (and lost his self-confessed naivety) what the NBM was (a murderous criminal organisation) he decides it’s a smart idea to try recruit London Zone NBM members into London’s Metropolitan Police.

For a mafia organisation this arguably is a smart move and could be very useful in the future.

The post from Von to his fellow members of the criminal organisation is notably also during the working week and during office hours.

Given the wall of silence emanating from BAD and the MET I’ll be surprised if I’m able to determine if any of the London Zone NBM members took up Von’s recommendation to join the police…..

What else does he post?

The 120+ posts to the NBM forums during the working week and during office hours are very varied. As with what he posts to his facebook during the working week and during office hours it’s quite questionable content.

During his employment as BAD Council’s ‘Corporate Communications Manager’ (this is from Sept 2011 to present day) he (during the working week and during office hours) shares a lot of information with the NBM forum members, instructs them how to preform their roles, mobilizes them to take part of in various local protests, tries to recruit them into the police and many times indicates he is spending his time enjoying what others are posting into the group.

Not a fantastic use of tax payers money to employ this lazy (lazy seemingly at the job he’s supposed to be doing at least) mugu.

During his employment as BAD Council’s Media and PR Manager (this is from October 2005 to September 2011) he (during the working week and during office hours) does much more of the same. Shares movies, articles, mobilizes the Zone’s members to take part in various other political marches/rallies, asks NBM members to petition US’s Georgia State against executing a convicted murderer (of a policeman), suggests unemployed members in the group apply “for a share of £11.3 million of funding through London Councils’ European Social Fund (ESF) programme.”, raises funds for various of Zone’s members, discusses the latest news about the “Black Axe”, invites members to a talk by Boris Johnson, helps organise NBM picnics, plus a multitude of other things including again many times indicating he is spending his time enjoying what others are posting into the groups…. wasting more tax payer money for him perform his duties for the NBM.

Also during this period he relays a request from his “council leader” to members of the NBM asking for help.

We can only imagine how that turned out….

What infuriates me about this is that BAD got upset that my visualisation showed connectivity between BAD and the NBM. A council leader asks an NBM member for advice and the NBM member shares that request with other members. That is a fecking connection.

Not to mention the fact they actually employ this idiot.

Also during his time as BAD Council’s Media and PR Manager (during the working week and during office hours) he mobilizes NBM member support against the political opponents of the MP’s of BAD. This is certainly where the line blurs between his what could be his terms of employment and his personal interests. Personally I’m unable to determine (its very obviously confusing) as to whether this is him undertaking official work or not.

I’d help greatly if he used his time at work (during the working week and during office hours) only to perform duties relating to his job and not undertaking duties relating to his personal interests (such as his duties to a criminal organisation).

Although having said all this… Perhaps it’s a different Von Edomi. Despite been a very uncommon name it could be the case that two or more different Von Edomi’s exist (both with a deep interest in the local politics of BAD)?

Not so.

In the secret NBM forums we can see Von’s work email several times pop up. Not only that but he also shares email(s) from other council employee(s) (marked with BAD confidentiality footers) into the forums.

That is naughty.

On the 5th May 2010 Von sends from his work email to his personal email address an article from the Times regarding the British National Party. He then shares the article (including the forwarding info) into an NBM forum.

I wish I had 1000 Naira each time I said this…. The article was shared during the working week and during office hours.

In December 2009 he forwards another email from his work email (during the working week and during office hours) to his personal email address. Again forwarding it (during the working week and during office hours) into an NBM forum.

This email is from another BAD council employee and clearly bares a confidentiality notice…. which states “This email and any files transmitted with it are private and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed”

Which probably means it shouldn’t be shared by Von into the forum of a criminal organisation.

It’d appear from the email that Von is inviting members of the NBM to BAD Council’s Christmas party! Which again… We can only imagine how that turned out.

Barking and Dagenham’s Council’s decision to employ Von Edomi I’m fairly certain was done in good faith. I’d be shocked if they were aware he was part of an organisation that was engaged in human trafficking, drug smuggling, fraud, rape, robbery etc etc Plus of course the murder of hundreds of people.

However it doesn’t make the choice any less disturbing.

I did actually mention to BAD when writing to them recently that my complaint was not against Von Edomi himself as they suggested (after all he’s a fellow human who needed a job) but against the procedures that enable him to be employed.

Procedures that could have been exploited by any number of other members perhaps…

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