BAD Murder

Barking and Dagenham… Not the nicest or safest of the London boroughs.

High levels of sex crime, robberies, violence, drug crime and car thefts are among BAD’s worrying crime statistics.

During the reported period (Q1 of 2020) BAD remarkably managed to record a murder rate of: zero. Quite an achievement for any area of London (a city that has recorded 100+ murders per year now for 6 straight years) but not least for a borough with such a heavy presence of NBM members.

It’s good to know that whilst wandering the streets of BAD that cultists aren’t going to jump from dark shadows and murder you.

On 8th August 2020 at approximately 12.50pm in broad daylight a British Nigerian female called Esther Egbon had her throat slit on the streets of Dagenham.

Two hours later at 2.50pm another body in Dagenham was found. Again with a slit throat. This was the body of a male called Igie Erabor.

It was reported on the day as been a “double murder” despite police stating that Esther Egbon had died in suspicious circumstances, Igie Erabor hadn’t and police had “linked both deaths and are currently not seeking anyone in connection with their investigation”.

3 days later on the 11th August it was again reported as been a “double murder”, both the victims were named and post mortem results were released and published:

“Post mortem examinations have established cause of death for both as an incised wound to the neck. No arrests have been made and at present no other parties are being sought in connection with the matter. The investigation continues in order to establish the full circumstances.”

Whereas the local London newspapers were still reporting the incident as a “double murder” members of Nairaland had seemingly got together a bit more information. On the 11th August a post entitled “Edo Man Murders Wife And Himself In Dagenham” was published.

5 days following the deaths on 13th August the London Evening Standard reported the deaths as been “a suspected murder-suicide”

On the same day an update to the Nairaland post was made where the author states he copied and pasted text from the gofundme page set up by the victim’s sister. This text is seen replicated on the internet in several different places. On the Center for Enlightenment and Protection of African Women’s Right facebook page and a website called ‘Blacgoss‘.

However these paragraphs of text differ from how the gofundme page appears today and how the page was reported by the ‘Barking and Dagenham Post’ and ‘Evening Standard’ newspapers.

All sources (and it appears today as showing) show the first paragraph of text:

Esthe was 30 year old s. She was an extra ordinary, kind and a friendly young woman. A real goal getter who enjoyed helping people in any way she could.  She has 4 kids Dave 10, Samuel 8, Derrick 6, Daniel 3.  Esther was a bold and beautiful lady who refused to be scared of Coronavirus when her gastro ward was converted to COVID -19 ward at King George hospital in London from March to July. Even when I was scared for her life because she was in the forefront of the pandemic crisis taking care of only COVID- 19 patients, I asked her to take a break from her job for awhile but she simply laughed it off and told me not to be worried  that she was stronger than COVID-19.  However, little did she know she was not only with a  video games addict man but also a killer. Esther was so passionate and very much loved by people wherever she went. After struggling for 16 good years as the bread winner taking care of 4 children and her lazy Igie, Esther finally got admission to do nursing at Southend University with an upgrade to midwifery.  This progress was too much for Igie to handle and he decided to move out of the rented house he did contributed towards the rent or upkeep.  He promised to get a fixed income job but didn’t. My sister was a permanent night shift worker yet Igie couldn’t look for a daytime job for a fixed monthly income but used his life to play video games and watched movies 247, for 16 years. When she decided to move on with her life he horribly murdered her.

However it’d appear from the other sources that an additional paragraph had been initially included and later deleted. It read:

My advice to women, stop finding excuses to remain in a relationship with a useless man. A real man who loves you will surely love and care for you and your child or children. A man who doesn’t care from the beginning is a write-off. Do not live an illusive life like my beloved sister and eventually lost her life tragically with a knife to her throat by a lazy monster like Igie and cowardly took his life as well. Igie also boasted to be a known cultist. Igie often lamented about how his mother abandoned him to be raised by 3 different families. Unfortunately, my sister didn’t see the signs, If you don’t have love in you you cannot give it. You can only give what you have! I hope you will know the signs when you sees one.

NB, the rumour that Igie brought my sister to the UK is not true. Such a claim is a personal insult to me and my family and its very ridiculous and I wonder how people are desperately trying to justify the slaughtering of a young woman. She was a British and he was not. The killer obtained his legal resident permit in the UK with the help of my sister and myself.

The sister of the victim clearly holding a strong belief that Esther Egbon had been murdered by Igie Erabor who had then killed himself.

Very interesting of course to me was the inclusion of the line that he: “boasted to be a known cultist”

I can’t say that I knew Igie Erabor but i had come across Esther Egbon before. I’d visited her facebook profile two weeks following her death whilst undertaking some unrelated research. At the time I saw it was an “in remembrance” page, left and didn’t give it a second thought.

Whilst researching the ‘Crime and Disorder in BAD’ post I’d googled (in disbelief) to see if there in fact had been zero murders in BAD during the reported period. This is how I came across Esther Egbon again.

Her profile was easy to find on facebook. Not least due to us sharing several mutual friends (all NBM members) on the platform. Although her list is private I was able to determine over 150 of her connections.

In addition to at least 4 NBM members she also had a number of other really worrying links to cultists. At a glance she was determined to be connected to a Viking confraternity member, a Pyrate confraternity member, an Ogboni Fraternity member, two Supreme Eiye confraternity members and two Maphites (Green Circuit Assosciation).

If this wasn’t bad enough she had a further several hundred connections to NBM members by a degree of separation. 50 of her 150 determinable friends had at least one connection to an NBM member.

And these are not the only dubious characters in her orbit. In the visual below ‘Individual C’ is the convicted human trafficker ‘Kingsley Ojo’ (sentenced to 4 and a half years for human trafficking in 2004) and one time suspect in a still unsolved murder from 2001.

Some other seriously interesting connections too which connect the victim by just one degree of separation (the degree of separation been NBM member) to women been trafficked through Libya.

Individual X in the visual represents an (NBM Member) in Italy connected to at least 6 women in transit through Libya to Italy as we speak and many who have already made the journey.

More directly linked are some other questionable individuals.

Including an (NBM Member) individual who has the following as his profile picture:

And an individual who his friends refer to him as a “(German) Burger”.

“Burger” (I see it a lot in this context) the United Nations define in a report as:

the smugglers who offer full-package services to the many irregular migrants who gather here on the southern approaches to the central
Mediterranean route are known as “burgers”

In conclusion:

a) Watch out who your friends are

b) Don’t get involved with cultists

c) BAD is not a murder free utopia

Although Bemigho147watch has requested to give this information to the police…. More than 2 weeks later still silence on the matter.

Bemigho147watch would like to stress: The investigation continues in order to establish the full circumstances (of the tragic deaths).

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