Crime and Disorder in Barking and Dagenham

Last night I was wondering to myself what effect having such a high concertation of NBM members in Barking and Dagenham has on it’s crime statistics. This curiosity was triggered by the increasingly worrying posts (and the replies from his friends) by Barking and Dagenham Council’s communications manager ‘Von Edomi’. Many quite extreme posts. Many of which are posted during office working hours during what seems to be time he’s payed for by the tax payer.

One post, out of office hours, in the small hours of the 18th October informed his readers “Jihadists kill 14 soldiers in attack on Nigerian army base”.

The article invoked mixed feelings. The initial respondent seemingly lamenting the Nigerians government failure to equip it’s solders to fight against the jihadists.

Later in the thread though two of Von’s friends appear and comment what appears to be in support of the Jihadists.

“We Move! End Buharism!!!”

“Then those armies should wake up and smell the coffee! They’re fighting those fighting for them. Foolishness.”

The last comment leaves little open to interpretation. My reading of it is that it quite clearly is in support of the Jihadists fighting the government.

It doesn’t surprise me that Von’s friends would hold this opinion. Many NBM members (those outside the UK anyway) are been monitored closely by the security services and the members of the London Zone are no stranger to expressing extremist views. Other cultists connected to the NBM even smuggling weapons for extremists whilst concurrently engaging in human trafficking.

So whereas in Toronto in 2015 detectives were quotedto be “working quickly, trying to stop the group from becoming entrenched” and they had “began to worry the group’s brazenness would signify to the community that “Axemen are here. And they’re open about it, and the police are doing nothing.”

In the UK, as pointed time after time here, it’s a very different story.

In the UK the group are now entrenched and they are been brazen. Aside from the recent arrests of Bemigho’s sister-law and her two siblings I’m not aware of any other action. Repeated emails to the police are either ignored or dismissed on the grounds that the group are not known.

The CPS article states the organisation has: been linked to decades of murders, rapes, extortion and drug dealing in Nigeria and across the world.

I was curious then whether activities the group are famous for are higher in Barking and Dagenham than other regions of the country. The answer is evident by what I found in crime statistics for the area of Barking and Dagenham.

Rape? Included in the stats as “sexual offences”. Worst in the country.

Violence against a person… with injury. 2nd worst in the country.

Robbery…. the “Omila Package” as the NBM refer to it…. Worst in the country. Significantly so.

Drug Offences…. Worst in the country.

Car theft…. In 2015 Canadian law enforcement dismantled an NBM car theft ring. In Barking and Dagenham… 2nd worst area for car thefts in the stats.

It doesn’t appear that authorities in Barking and Dagenham could dismantle some Ikea flat pack furniture. Never mind a now entrenched mafia.

Though when you have a member of the said mafia in authority then it explains a lot.

There is an upside to have a mafia (potentially) having a major influence on your local crime figures.

When rape, robbery, drug offences, violence and car thefts are your local mafia’s activities of choice it brings crime in other areas down. Other types of crime indeed are down and in fact the lowest in the country.

So residents of Barking and Dagenham can enjoy (providing they can put the rape, robbery, drug offences, violence and car thefts out of their mind) really low levels of:

bicycle thefts….. 2nd lowest in the country!!!

Shoplifting offences… Hardly a mainstay of NBM life… 2nd lowest in the country.

Public order offences…. Also 2nd lowest in the country.

As i already point out there are upsides to everything. Barking and Dagenham may not have hordes of chavs nicking your bike but I’d certainly rather that was the sum of my worries than a murderous mafia…

Which reminds me. I omitted murder.

Barking and Dagenham seemingly with a zero murder rate during the reported period (1st Q of 2020)?

I didn’t believe this and googled quickly to look. The first thing I saw (and it distracted me from looking into the reported time frame of Q1) was a double killing in August with a very strong and very interesting connection to the NBM.

Details of which will be coming soon.

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