Member Distribution – Switzerland

70 Axemen discovered in Switzerland spread over 13 (50%) of the 26 Cantons.

Also at 50% was Zurich for their location with 35 of the 70 purporting to live in Zurich.

Notable levels of Axemen also found in Basel, Geneva, Vaud and Luzerne.

What was also notable was 1) the Axemen in Switzerland seemingly had a much lower connectivity to other Axemen that I have seen in other countries (I’ll attempt to analyze this in the future) and 2) a very high number of other cultists were found in Switzerland than i have come across in other countries also.

Along with the 70 Axemen I discovered (collaterally… without looking) no less than 9 Airlords, a couple of Norsemen, a Mahpite and 4 Jurists (a lesser known cult who i’ll write about in a short while) were found.

It’s also notable Switzerland has a very high cost of living and the cultists there look to be doing very well for themselves. Even by Swizz standards!

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