Ashanti High Temple Wahala

Lord Kamuzu Banda:

This is to inform all members of NBM of Africa worldwide that the following Ayes from Ashanti High Temple ( Ozoro polytechnic, Ozoro, Delta State) has been deaxed from the movement for illegally blending D jus into our noble movement.
They are:
1. Aye oba kosoko( d ju name Uyabeme martins) – head.
2. Aye bizingo( d ju name Brume tega) chairman
3. Aye ja ja opbo( d ju name Romeo) Cp
Also, all the blended jus remained deaxed and all NBM activities closed in Ashanti High temple.
Signed; lord kamuzu Banda
( kwale zonal head)

Aye Oginga Odinga:

96 jews na bam for dis particular jolly…I was present in the j…too bad for my Aruba, jn potential(tega) aye bizi bizingo….

Aye Marcus Garvey:

All this deaxing of a thing is one of the problem in nbm, those men you deaxed especially my Aruba JN tega( potential ), are dedicated axemen, if you think you can deaxe axemen the way you feel, then only you will play the movement…….or do you think that’s the way of solving the situations at hand, instead you are creating more problems……why don’t you also deaxe me my strong name is aye Marcus Garvey JN saviour….it hurts…..jn tega i go still dy give you egede till i die…..( kwale zonal head i will like you to tell me what you have contributed into the lives of axemen in the institutions around you, what are your impact in their lives)…..una bam o…founders of nbm…….

Aye Oba Adesua:

All dz deaxe issue of a tin does n0t help d m0vement instead it leads to m0re pr0blem in such a way dat all dz men wey dem deaxe will go online nd oda social media casting d codes and tinz abt d movement to jew and injew…i bliv dat dy sh0uld b oda ways of punishment instead of deaxeing dat does n0t even stop doz men 4rm aving d o.t dat has already gum dem abt d way forward o

Aye Odigaodigarn:

Dis deaxe of a tin we cux more problem and i believe say all d jew wey dem no bam self fit cross carpet con dey oppress ayes later n frm dere HIT continue i believe say one sm no fit play d game all alone if una only u dey play game i believe say Nbm no go reach dis stage aye axe men una bam ooo i believe say una wan try commot kitikiti frm Nbm but na orientation wise ooo always 6 b4 7 aye axemen e sweet me as i reason my bella

Aye Oginga Odinga:

Jn savior, fmr elder olobiri HT u bam…for the first time since I bam 2013, ashanti is a united T based on the cordination of potential(the chairman).. elebe don light dis same potential cos of nbm if not for the fact dat he is m.y tested, he for don die cos of nbm, potential still take as pain behead ostrich( elebe NO 2) all to the glory of ashanti HT, for the first time, ashanti don get LP(elevation 2015)…what does he get inreturn DEAXED….not fair at all…wetin happen to suspension?…

Aye Oba Adesua:

Abi! Suspensi0n beta pass deaxe…d0z men are bam egede men o…nbm na way f0rward

Aye Kwame Nkrumah:

Suspension beta pass deaxe, cos dis kind time na way forward n.b.m need mibros

Aye Marcus Garvey:

All this problem we are facing is because of this deaxed axemen, do you think anyone will be happy been deaxed from the movement, who do you think that uche tobias is that is publishing wrong information about the movement, he was an sm, in delta zone a lord was deaxed, out of annoyance he burst the arena with jews, there was a serious fight at the arena, all the information about bursting of jolly and itohan who do you think is giving those information to the police…my dear dont be surprised is your fellow axeman that was deaxed, so please i use kf to beg the national body and zonal to use their 7 before they carry out their stupid deaxing…..because you people( national,zonal) are nt facing any stress frm each institution, you think you can just raise your metal and pronounce as you wish, see a time will come were those national and zonal will be wiped out of this movement….coz ave seen many new bam identifying lord…and if after cnb and the zonal head of the new bam identifying is been called for confirmation, he will say yes his a lord, lord wit no orentation after they will use their cbn to buy office…thats why we do hear their stupid obonte reasoning……the other one that annoys me most is the suspention of 77, can u imagin, ave they ever suspended chrismas or independence day……we are the one’s causing/creating problems for ourself……na way 4ward we dy pray for o…..national or zonal whatever u call urself wayo o…..

Lord Bob Nesta Marley:

Please Zonal H* and national H’* before deaxing” a Tample Exco was the information passed to them not to do Ini*  or jolly because I now see this NBM as an ogboni matter since the war in benin why did the National Head refuse to announce to SM to pause the war and I belive the temple wasn’t involve in the war* abi na temple they cause war now’ I’m surprise with the way Zonal bodies and national bodies take this great movement for they think.  ayes like making trouble’ imagine inju’s starting the war 1st* by droping a strong man* what do Zonal H and national H have to say because their fellow Zonal head was arrested they now want to change the movement’ see for Temple to pause people wil go down”” if they really want a change in this great movement they should work with temple’ Zonal and National bodies can’t do anything to make this movement grow by pausing temple’ I see the national and Zonal bodies been Sentimental.I want the national head to use NBM trinity before spoiling him self in front of temple’s world wild. I know  about three temples  in west that did  Jolly  last week and all the Ju’s where Bam’ why is NH fooling himself””” if Ayes or lord Die how much do Zone give to the family* nothing*   they fail in the position they should show their self in benin all d lords and SM dat went down* what did Zone do nothing they only know how to eat CBN*  you need to see what Tobias has don with the picture of NH*  Tricycle rider ””””” if they truly want  way forward 4 NBM the Temple exco should be in the P1 where Important discussion will be made* temple gives NBM the glory’* we have future Zonal H and National H * in Temples so please our NH nd ZH should use NBM trinity before spoiling the movement with there hand* Kwale ZH use ur 6 b4 7 and up lift the deaxation. Bcos nemesis will surely cash up with any agent of Destruction and oppression or betrayer to the NBM aka black Axe’ wish you are doing*

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