NBM Ethnic Transformations

“White supremacists, as much as they don’t want to admit it, make themselves slaves to black excellence when they allow its existence to unbalance their entire sense of self.”

True talk.

Members of the NBM are proudly black and of course there is no reason why they shouldn’t be. However rather than been practitioners in the art of black excellence themselves members instead hijack the legacy of others. Adopting the names of these great people and doing little other than tarnishing the name.

Rather than do something great themselves they devote their time, energy and skill to crime and causing massive amounts of wahala around the world. Thinking that because they bare the name of a great person as their ‘strong name’ this makes them themselves somehow a great person too.

A high number of the members of the NBM are indeed highly skilled criminals who make very seriously large amounts of money day in day out. This is their idea of practicing excellence.

The number of criminals is such that both ends of the spectrum of excellence is very evident. For every member that is highly skilled at hustling money from fraud there is also a massive bumbling idiot fool.

A number of Axemen in the pursuit of 419 hustling excellence have created fake facebook accounts that are indistinguishable from a real persons account. These members are able to make serious money romance scamming or using the profile as part of other 419 fraud exploits.

Others however are somewhat less endowed in the brain cell department and rather than create good looking fake accounts have instead opted for refitting their own accounts to fit their current hustle.

In order to do this they have undertaken various ethnic transformations.

King Young (pictured top) has transformed from an NBM member into “Kim Astra”

Azomor Abdulazeez has become Vegard Trond a white Danish military commander. Friends with several NBM members in Lagos and Benin and seemingly goes into battle listening to his favoutite music of Nigerian rappers.

Prince Destiny Wise has become a white United States naval personnel who lists ‘Big Brother Naija’ as one of his favorite TV programs along with also liking Naija’s Finest African Entertainment Hub, Igbo People of Nigeria, several Nigerian rappers, Nigerian DJ’s, the NBM’s very own Scoobynero as well as several actual NBM groups. His friends list contains NBM Lords in Rome, Abuja, Benin and Lagos.

Sammie Nelson Walter aka Prince Walter has transformed himself from a very openly NBM member (hasn’t even bothered deleting any of his NBM images) into the Peruvian Chinese speaking Nazi called ‘薩米·尼爾森·沃爾特’

He’s also a big ‘Big Brother Naija’ fan having a dozen Axemen from Spain, Italy, Benin, Lagos, Abuja on his friend list. In addition to been the member of no less than 40 NBM facebook groups.

Other anomalies for a Peruvian Chinese speaking Nazi included liking the Nigerian Airforce, 2pac, Burnaboy, Uniben, MC Chop Money and a hundred various black models, black footballers, black musicians and Nigerian churches.

David Omoruyi has also become US military personnel. Transforming himself into Steven Elias Grass.

Alexander Abbes another transformed person.

Khady Diouf not happy with just transforming his ethnicity has also transformed into a woman. A female US soldier in need of money due to been very sick.

NBM member ju name ‘Anthony’ also undergoing massive transformation into Sandra Jessy.

Godwin Ekpenyong has become Richard Stephen.

Vincent Khalifa an Axeman of Kanem Borno High Temple (Auchi Polytechnic) has tranformed into a Japanese businessman. Maybe that’s what he always wanted to be when he grew up.

He on one hand has had the insight to add a bunch of Japanese facebook pages to his profile

Yet on the other hand has retained all his originals. Auchi Polytechnic, MC Chop Money, the Black Axe and Jesus.

Also retaining his NBM comrades in Germany, Italy, Edo, Abuja and various other places in Nigeria.

Seun Maikel (top) has transformed into the American Anelka Smith.

“I’m a mariner in the u.s.a justice must be done”

He lists Nigerian real states agencies, Nigerian political parties, Nigerian youth programs, Nigerian rappers, Davido, radical islamic pages, Lagos and a California fire department as his liked pages.

Another Axeman retaining his original friends (and of course they are happy to retain him) which include Axmen located in Ghana, South Africa but mostly Lagos.

Thomas Jas has become Raymond Thomas an American now located in Hessen, Germany. His favorite films are anything by the Nigerian actor/director Odunlade Adekola. His friends include Axemen in Benin, Italy and Germany.

Ricky Ajayi has reconstructed his molecular structure into Gregory Turner a US Department of Defense divorcee. His facebook likes include Donald Trump, the US Department of Defense and BBC News Pigin. No different to the others he has retained his NBM member friends.

Darlington Akhues has undergone 3 transformations into 3 different people. Seemingly to target women in Taiwan and Korea.

There was in fact too many to list here.

A large number of Axemen upon relinquishing their ju name and then adopting their African hero strong name seem to relinquish that too and indeed their entire African heritage for the purposes of fraud.

Please remember for each of these idiot goats above there is a highly skilled fraudster. Watch out.

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