Crime and Disorder in Barking and Dagenham

Last night I was wondering to myself what effect having such a high concertation of NBM members in Barking and Dagenham has on it’s crime statistics. This curiosity was triggered by the increasingly worrying posts (and the replies from his friends) by Barking and Dagenham Council’s communications manager ‘Von Edomi’. Many quite extreme posts. Many of which are posted during office working hours during what seems to be time he’s payed for by the tax payer.

One post, out of office hours, in the small hours of the 18th October informed his readers “Jihadists kill 14 soldiers in attack on Nigerian army base”.

The article invoked mixed feelings. The initial respondent seemingly lamenting the Nigerians government failure to equip it’s solders to fight against the jihadists.

Later in the thread though two of Von’s friends appear and comment what appears to be in support of the Jihadists.

“We Move! End Buharism!!!”

“Then those armies should wake up and smell the coffee! They’re fighting those fighting for them. Foolishness.”

The last comment leaves little open to interpretation. My reading of it is that it quite clearly is in support of the Jihadists fighting the government.

It doesn’t surprise me that Von’s friends would hold this opinion. Many NBM members (those outside the UK anyway) are been monitored closely by the security services and the members of the London Zone are no stranger to expressing extremist views. Other cultists connected to the NBM even smuggling weapons for extremists whilst concurrently engaging in human trafficking.

So whereas in Toronto in 2015 detectives were quotedto be “working quickly, trying to stop the group from becoming entrenched” and they had “began to worry the group’s brazenness would signify to the community that “Axemen are here. And they’re open about it, and the police are doing nothing.”

In the UK, as pointed time after time here, it’s a very different story.

In the UK the group are now entrenched and they are been brazen. Aside from the recent arrests of Bemigho’s sister-law and her two siblings I’m not aware of any other action. Repeated emails to the police are either ignored or dismissed on the grounds that the group are not known.

The CPS article states the organisation has: been linked to decades of murders, rapes, extortion and drug dealing in Nigeria and across the world.

I was curious then whether activities the group are famous for are higher in Barking and Dagenham than other regions of the country. The answer is evident by what I found in crime statistics for the area of Barking and Dagenham.

Rape? Included in the stats as “sexual offences”. Worst in the country.

Violence against a person… with injury. 2nd worst in the country.

Robbery…. the “Omila Package” as the NBM refer to it…. Worst in the country. Significantly so.

Drug Offences…. Worst in the country.

Car theft…. In 2015 Canadian law enforcement dismantled an NBM car theft ring. In Barking and Dagenham… 2nd worst area for car thefts in the stats.

It doesn’t appear that authorities in Barking and Dagenham could dismantle some Ikea flat pack furniture. Never mind a now entrenched mafia.

Though when you have a member of the said mafia in authority then it explains a lot.

There is an upside to have a mafia (potentially) having a major influence on your local crime figures.

When rape, robbery, drug offences, violence and car thefts are your local mafia’s activities of choice it brings crime in other areas down. Other types of crime indeed are down and in fact the lowest in the country.

So residents of Barking and Dagenham can enjoy (providing they can put the rape, robbery, drug offences, violence and car thefts out of their mind) really low levels of:

bicycle thefts….. 2nd lowest in the country!!!

Shoplifting offences… Hardly a mainstay of NBM life… 2nd lowest in the country.

Public order offences…. Also 2nd lowest in the country.

As i already point out there are upsides to everything. Barking and Dagenham may not have hordes of chavs nicking your bike but I’d certainly rather that was the sum of my worries than a murderous mafia…

Which reminds me. I omitted murder.

Barking and Dagenham seemingly with a zero murder rate during the reported period (1st Q of 2020)?

I didn’t believe this and googled quickly to look. The first thing I saw (and it distracted me from looking into the reported time frame of Q1) was a double killing in August with a very strong and very interesting connection to the NBM.

Details of which will be coming soon.

The Libya Connections – Part 1

Piecing together the lives of people of high interest in Libya…. Foreign Mercenaries, human traffickers and arms smugglers.

There are lots of news stories and accounts of Nigerians passing through Libya on their way to Europe. Horror stories mostly. Those not detained by the authorities and placed in Libyan detention facilities (built on diesel polluted reclaimed land that are not fit for human habitation) can be kidnapped and/or sold by their traffickers into slavery. Those sold, for just a few hundred dollars, into slavery are forced into manual labor jobs or sex slavery and are guaranteed a miserable existence subject to abuse, violence and servitude.

Some Nigerians I’m encountering though in Libya appear to be there under their own free will and have willfully taken up employment there. I’ve seen NBM member mechanics, welders and them undertaking other various skilled jobs.

Then I encountered Marius.

Marius was born 1990 in a small town in Enugu State and is a staunch Muslim and Biafran. The later of his affiliations influencing his open hatred of the Nigerian government. Perhaps this explaining his decision to one day take on the perilous journey to Libya and favour staying there for what has now been at least two years.

It’s two years that have clearly taken their toll on him.

Recently he posted an image of himself from roughly ten years before. A freind commented something that translated to “a time when you actually looked like a human being”

Certainly Marius has changed significantly since then. His activities in Libya undoubtedly having an effect on that.

He’s gone from a fresh faced kid to a wide eyed crazy person.

What is Marius up to in Libya?

Unlike a lot of his fellow Nigerian counterparts residing in Libya he’s quite open about his life and posts a lot of images and videos that has enabled the piecing together of his activities there over the past two years.

An example of his openness is a video of him wrapping up for later (or for sale) what is probably amphetamine or cocaine. Brazenly snorting some in front of the camera and then posting it to his Facebook.

Other openness includes his cult affiliation.

Marius is openly a member of the Viking confraternity.

Aside from the expected large number of Viking members on his Facebook freind list he is also friends with a number of other cultists. At a glance I can see several Jurists confraternity members and recognise NBM members on there too. NBM Lords from his home state of Enugu as well as in Lagos, China and Italy.

The most interesting aspects of his openness though relate to how he is earning money in Libya. He openly posts where he’s travelling to, where he is and posts pictures he purports to be his payments for the services he’s carried out there.

The services although not articulated explicitly certainly involve guns.

In April 2018 he posts a photo of himself with a pretty small one. Certainly much smaller than what comes later. He includes a caption along the lines of “it’s for my protection”.

Later in 2018 he posts several pictures which show him driving around with much bigger weaponry (not 100% sure but looks like a H&K G3).

Pictures he shares of his television and other objects show he has pretty good access somehow to both guns and ammunition.

Early in 2019 he posts a series of things that indicate an affiliation with one side of the conflict in the Libyan civil war. Combined with looking over his freind list for individuals open about fighting in the war it’s evident he’s on the side of the Russian backed Libyan National Army. Fighting against the Turkey (and UN & EU) backed ‘Government of National Accord’.

On Valentines day he posts a picture of a worried looking self and in the comments to the photo states fighting has started in the neighborhood. At this point he has indicated to be in or in the vicinity of Sebha.

In those coming days he posts several photos that when I’ve attempted to reverse search for on the internet cannot be found and he does look to have taken himself.

On the 22nd Feb 2019 he uploads a video (I dont think taken by him but shared to him by another fighter) taken in Murzuq.

On the 1st March 2019 he announces to his friends he will be offline some time due to him “matching” the next day. By this he means ‘marching’ which is open to interpretation. Additionally he indicates he has little choice engaging in the ‘marching’ due to been broke.

He’s then offline for over two weeks. When he returns he posts a photo of bundles of cash. I suspect it’s not necessarily what he’s been paid but to signify been paid for his two+ weeks “matching”.

On the 27th March 2019 he announces he’ll be “matching” again. His friends wish him luck. He posts images of him with fellow Nigerians in Libya, picture of an armed truck and more photos of money.

On the 3rd April he’s back online and posts what look to be authentic photos of his payments (rather than likely symbolic ones he’s posted before.

On the 5th April. He posts an insight into the kind of people in his orbit in Libya. Someone who he accuses of been a “slave trader” and “human trafficker”

On the 12th April he announces he’ll be off on holiday and offline for a whole month. It’s not entirely confirmable but it looks like he might have returned to Nigeria following this.

On the 29th April he appears back online to announce the death of a fellow Viking confraternity member in Libya. Disclosing that he was a fighter who was shot. He posts a video of the body (NSFW) declaring “Was shot… Your fellow Libyan burgers are still mourning bro rip… Guners must die by gun”–ph-lBdzpc

and the following day posting some tribute photos and images including one of a sorrowful boy in Viking beret.

In the coming days he posts various images of himself with rifles and posts:

“My enemies hmm, EVEN DOUGH GOD FORGIVE UNA , okugbo never forgive D punishment is death, alahgali, In case you don’t know, Watch your back”

The comments to these posts are a mixture of support and concern… Some of the comments indicates that he is in fact a fighter: “How many people you go kill before they will kill you bros calculate this bros…we don’t want to loss u”

On the 10th May 2019 he posts that he at a burial. A video shows him in the desert with dozens of fellow Africans.

During the rest of May and into June he posts various videos of himself drinking, getting stoned, snorting drugs and driving around Libya armed.

At the beginning of July he anounces he’s off to “work” in Chad and disappears offline for about a week. When he returns he shares a photo of his new gun.

Certainly looks a lot more effective than the first pistol he was pictured with from his first months in Libya.

Over the rest of the month he posts a variety of sickening images showing mutilated and butchered bodies. He descending into the character his friends start to recognise as been ‘less human’ than he was 10 years ago.

September 2nd, although not announced at the time, is the birth date of his son. A child that will soon join him in his squalid living conditions surrounded by the horror of Libya.

At the end of September 2019 he posts more photos that indicate he is fighting again.

In the top photo although he omits his head we can see a packet of Rothman’s Cigarettes’ sticking out the man’s pocket. It’s Marius’ brand of choice.

On the 5th September 2019 he appears in Murzuq and shares a number of strange posts from interesting people… certainly worthy of future investigation.

They certainly don’t look like the usual rag tag mercenaries in his orbit.

More like VIP’s with substantial security.

Following this encounter he proceeds into Chad and checks in as been in the: Tibesti Region on the 26th November 2019. A region in the far north west of Chad on the border of Libya and the Murzuq region.

Whoever he meets there he blocks out of the photo he posts. He adds the caption “bonjour bad citizens” a term that I see him using a lot when fraternizing with dubious (to say the least) individuals. In another example for context a fellow Nigerian in Lybia was seen saying “I don’t work for the bad citizens anymore”.

A couple of weeks after on December 7th he posts a new photo of weaponry. It’d appear that this might be what he went to Chad to collect. There is no shortage of news articles detailing Sudan been a major source of trafficked weapons and Chad been the “nexus” of arms trafficking as they are channeled into the hands of militants such as “local Al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliates, Boko Haram, and other violent extremist organizations”

They look to be further examples of Heckler and Koch G3 rifles along with an AK47. At auction I can see the G3’s been valued at between Estimate Price: $3,750 – $5,500. So he’s perhaps collected $10,000+ worth of weaponry.

Two days later he posts another picture of money. Again I believe this to symbolic rather than representing a genuine photograph of what he has earned.

He then sees in the New Year of 2020 with a series of drunken, stoned photos and videos from his living space.

On the 8th January another very interesting occurrence happens. Marius is tagged in a post from a young Nigerian woman tagging herself as having reached Murzuq from Nigeria.

Murzuq is a highly notable destination for human trafficking with plenty of evidence of that available on google.

A 2020 US State Department report stating:

Prostitution rings reportedly subject sub-Saharan women and girls to sex trafficking in brothels, particularly in the towns of Ubari, Sebha, and Murzuq in southern Libya; Nigerian women and girls are at increased risk of sex trafficking in Libya. According to a European NGO, Nigerian gangs recruit Nigerian girls from rural regions of the country and facilitate the transportation of the girls through Libya for sex trafficking in Italy and other European countries.

She later resurfaces on social media in a context that is very common for photos of women known to Marius. Sat with many other women on cheap plastic chairs somewhere in Libya.

In a world where trafficked women are forced (either physically or economically) into prostitution until they pay off their trafficking fees I think it’s highly probable the high number of women I’ve located all sat in the same kind of setting represents these trafficked sex workers.

What I find particularly interesting about ‘Becky’ is though: From her Facebook profile I immediately saw a bunch of people I recognised. The Jurists!

Only one week ago (11th October 2010) she was tagged in a series of photos along with another 7 individuals (4 of which incidentally bare the surname “white”) all of whom are clearly Jurists upon inspection.

It’s a small world and seemingly a crazy coincidence or perhaps not…. It’s another avenue I’ll investigate in the future.

Marius appears to be, by this time, very well connected in Libya. I dont believe that when it’s time for the girls to leave Libya they’ll be placed on dangerous inflatable things erroniously described as “boats”.

Marius posts things that indicate he has connections able to deliver real visas to whoever can pay the price.

I’ve briefly looked over the above service and it does appear to be genuine (albeit it highly dodgy). The multitude of visa samples aside the page shows a number of pieces of evidence it claims to show successful buyers in several European countries including Germany and Italy.

Back to Marius and it’s Feb 13th 2020. He appears to post indicating another period of fighting.

And shares a photo of himself performing some kind of juju ritual.

He goes offline for another 2 week period and resurfaces to share a geo-political post that obviously interests him.

He goes a little quiet after this but emerges from time to time sharing photos from other Africans in Libya but mostly posts photos of him and his son.

In summary it’s not nice to think about what the future holds for Marius (clearly a foreign mercenary in Libya and probably a small link in the chain for arms and human trafficking) and indeed his new family as they balance on the edge of life and death in Libya. It’s not nice to think about the current circumstances of the women in his orbit forced to sit each day on the plastic chairs it would seem are indicative of the modern day slave.

It’s not nice either to think about how the cults are connected and profiting from all this misery and what baring they have on the lives of these people and the many many more that will pass through Libya in the future.

I’ve entitled this “Part 1” because I don’t believe this is the last we will see of this as the Libyan connections increase.

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Member Distribution – Switzerland

70 Axemen discovered in Switzerland spread over 13 (50%) of the 26 Cantons.

Also at 50% was Zurich for their location with 35 of the 70 purporting to live in Zurich.

Notable levels of Axemen also found in Basel, Geneva, Vaud and Luzerne.

What was also notable was 1) the Axemen in Switzerland seemingly had a much lower connectivity to other Axemen that I have seen in other countries (I’ll attempt to analyze this in the future) and 2) a very high number of other cultists were found in Switzerland than i have come across in other countries also.

Along with the 70 Axemen I discovered (collaterally… without looking) no less than 9 Airlords, a couple of Norsemen, a Mahpite and 4 Jurists (a lesser known cult who i’ll write about in a short while) were found.

It’s also notable Switzerland has a very high cost of living and the cultists there look to be doing very well for themselves. Even by Swizz standards!

Member Distribution – Low Countries (Benelux)

120 NBM Members found with determinable location in the Benelux countries: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

51..5% of them in Netherlands

26% of them in Luxembourg

22.5% of them in Belgium

Of those found in Netherlands 39 of them purported to live in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland). The other large concentrations of members was found in Zuid-Holland (4 members in The Hague, 8 members in Rotterdam and one in Katwijt). No single member claimed to live in the northern regions of the country with the regions of Drenthe, Groningen, Friesland and Flevoland with no recorded cases of Axeman infestation.

Luxembourg certainly a surprise with 27 members found purporting to live in the city of Luxembourg. Two in Echternach and one in both Bettendorf and Nigmegen.

In Belgium 27 members were found spread across the country. Only one member located in the southern half of the country in the Walloon Region. Nine located in the city of Brussels. 17 members located in the Flemish Region (9 residing in Antwerp, 2 in Brugge and the others scattered around)

PS: The %’s in the graph I suspect may add up to above 100% due to rounding up. 1 member = 0.8% but was recorded on the map as 1%

International Index of Wahala – Part 4

Akwa Ibom Wahala: The NBM become proscribed as an illegal organization in Akwa Ibon. Team NBM fight back refuting the proscription referencing various legal rulings they claim make it not the case.

Ashanti High Temple Wahala: The leadership of Ashanti High Temple (Ozoro polytechnic, Ozoro, Delta State) are suspended and all recently blended members declared as void. Other members grumble at the continued wave of deaxation and suspension.

Asaba – Image Wahala: An upsurge in NBM related murders motivates members there to visit an orphanage in the hope of achieving radical image laundering.

Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe Wahala: NBM Member Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe, (a former Majority Leader of the Ogun State House of Assembly. Also the former Chairman, House Committee on Education, Science and Technology) leaves behind a paper trial of corruption.

Barking Wahala: Details of how feckless idiots at Barking and Dagenham local council have managed to employ an NBM member for over a decade.

Bemigho Temple Wahala: Elders at Futa Jallon Temple rebel against Bemigho. Questioning, rightly, given he’s announced the NBM have severed all links with the universities… how come he is still given them orders?

Benue Zone Wahala: NBM members rob a motorcyclist incurring a backlash from the local population. Leaving 13 Axemen dead.

Bergamo Head Busting Wahala: Ju name Jude splits a mans head open and flees the police in Italy.

Boko Haram Wahala: template for NBM members attempting to claim asylum in Europe telling the (false) story of how they were recruited to be suicide bombers by Boko Haram.

Brescia Drunken Wahala: details of several instances of drunken violence in the Italy Zone. Dealt with by the usual NBM punishment of violence.

Delta Zone Wahala: Lords in Delta state kill one of their own members over arguments relating to a “sharing formula”. The Lords mobilizing to conduct an eviction and the murdered Lord not paying them for their help.

Edo State Wahala: All sorts going on prior to the Edo State governorship election. Featuring Violence, Bombs, Gunmen, False Flag Terror and The NBM.

Election Wahala: More election wahala. This time featuring Senator Rochas Okorocha & Uche Nwosu in Imo State. The NBM are mobilized and dozens are left dead.

European Boogie Wahala: The European Region flights back against Felix Kupa’s orders for them not to party following their inability to meet their financial obligations to the movement.

Ewekoko High Temple Wahala: Ewekoko High Temple (Lagos State University) is placed on indefinite suspension, the leadership personally suspended and all recently initiated members membership is voided.

Felix Kupa Wahala: Felix Kupa causing a members death (in the opinion of another Axeman) after allegedly threatening to break his legs, ordering NBM thugs to forcibly remove him from his room and then leaving him to die.

NBM Member Distribution – France

I’ve tried really hard to get France up to 100 members with determinable locations but it hasn’t been possible. In the end 105 members found residing in France with 80 of them with a determinable location.

The heaviest concentration within a country seen yet with 60% of the members purporting to live in the Paris area. This amounted to 48 members in total.

‘Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes’ been the next populated region with 15 members found there. Spread between the cities of Lyon (7), Grenoble (6), Saint Etienne (1) and Chambéry (1).

3 regions are recorded as containing only a single member each and 4 regions with no detected Axeman presence.

NBM – The Greatest Charity in the World.

“The Neo Black Movement of Africa are the greatest charity in the world” – Said nobody ever.

A charity that needs to register under an alternative name in Spain due to been watched by the police.

A charity that following a visit to a child protection charity the owners declare: “Unfortunately none of our team knew who these men were or what they stand for. Our team however felt something was off with this group and one of our team members did a Google search of the group, but this was after they had already left. The information was vague and at that point we really did not quite understand what they do or what their role was. Following your first email, our team contacted the group leader and asked  them remove any pictures and videos they have of their visit from their website and asked that they would not use our name or pictures in any publications. The group took great offence at this querying whether we had ever asked any other group to do this, but our team stood their ground”

A charity who’s members: stab each other in the neck, accept money to rig elections, rape 12 year old girls, have their safe houses raided by police, have their phones tapped by the police, attacking people with axes and beat up women, murder people over gambling debts, human trafficking, lots of it, headbutt each other, cancel meetings due to police raids, plot to kill each other, steal money and shoot guns, ambush other members to attack them, use offensive weapons to attack each other and the public, bite each other ears off, order people’s deaths, when scams go bad, or when drug smuggling does, rape each others wives….

Plus countless other examples of evil behavior and stealing money.

At least we can rest at night knowing this great organization balances it’s evil acts with supreme instances of charitable giving?

Not really.

Facebook is littered with evidence of their charitable giving:

There are literally hundreds of these all with a final tally of £0 raised.

Then I found one where a contribution had been submitted.

Staggering amounts of giving from the NBM.

In an instance where the NBM actually donated a reasonable amount (something other than NBM textbooks to children) the photo caused a surge of negative comments with one member even stating the NBM shouldn’t be giving money to “the oppressors”.

It was a 500 Euro donation to a Hamburg children’s hospital!

In another occurrence of charitable excellence an NBM member attempted to raise some money in the London Zone for a fellow lord suffering kidney failure:

The NH (LPM) arrived at 19.10 and addressed the house. He said Lord
Mutamuta Baruka(LMMB) was ill with kidney failure and needed financial
aid. Lord Santopayama asked if a particular financial target head been
set by the National Body.
LPM said every zone had to raise N30,000 to send LMMB abroad immediately
as he LMMB had a relapse recently and that this money should be sent to
Nigeria by Saturday.

Head asked if this money could be contributed by one individual. LF
asked why we should help him and how many Lords had the national body
asked to be assisted. LPM said that the CP is the welfare officer and
should normally raise the alarm when the need arises and if the national
body is not aware they could not act. Lord Omar Mukhtar said it was not
fair to make the contributions compulsory and they should have been
LPM said we are responding to a cry and it is because of the urgency
that is why it is compulsory, he also said it was preferable to spend it
on treatment rather than his funeral. Finally LPM said Zones in Diaspora
should pay the money to LMMB direct and not to a funds coordinator. 

Each Zone was asked to contribute the equivalent of about 66 euros and the Lord quickly died.

In another very similar instance members of an NBM facebook group were asked to donate 2 euros each for a kidney replacement operation for another member.

Of course if you are relying on members of the NBM to cough up 2 euros (bare in mind the Italy Zone were estimated to have earned 2 billion in the past 12 months from human trafficking) you are been condemned to death.

Which is of course what happened.

Yet evidence is everywhere of the NBM members flashing their cash around. Flash clothes, flash cars, holidays all over the world, wild parties, millions of bottles of Hennessey…..

It’s endless.

“the money weh some Men dey carry kpief BRANDY, JD, Hennesy every week pass this money”

Too many of these to post. Literally an endless supply of champagne and Hennessy for these guys…. Yet can’t scrape 2 euros together to save another members life.

“The Neo Black Movement of Africa are the greatest charity in the world” – Said nobody ever.

Omila Package

The Axemen who dont have time to engage in political thuggery or murder or rape or fraud or human trafficking or drug smuggling dont sit around twiddling their thumbs.

They engage in: The Omila Package

Omila = Armed Robbery

Below it’s reported on an NBM forum that two Axemen have been shot dead by police due to conducting armed robbery. Ju Name David and Ovo both former Chief Priests of Okpe Aye Forum.

Below the issue is discussed again with an account of some Axemen been shot (at) in the legs by the police for engaging in the same activity. When another member refutes the claim and accuses another cult of been involved a more senior member of the forum refutes that and tells of instances where NBM armed robbers have brought their armed robbery colleagues with them to blend them into the NBM.

It’s of no surprise then to see the NBM come out in the last few days to demand the end of police brutality and an end to SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad).

Disbanding the Special Anti-Robbery Squad would certainly benefit the health of NBM members engaged in armed robbery.

If someone puts their hands on you make sure they never put their hands on anybody else again” – Malcolm X



Ashanti High Temple Wahala

Lord Kamuzu Banda:

This is to inform all members of NBM of Africa worldwide that the following Ayes from Ashanti High Temple ( Ozoro polytechnic, Ozoro, Delta State) has been deaxed from the movement for illegally blending D jus into our noble movement.
They are:
1. Aye oba kosoko( d ju name Uyabeme martins) – head.
2. Aye bizingo( d ju name Brume tega) chairman
3. Aye ja ja opbo( d ju name Romeo) Cp
Also, all the blended jus remained deaxed and all NBM activities closed in Ashanti High temple.
Signed; lord kamuzu Banda
( kwale zonal head)

Aye Oginga Odinga:

96 jews na bam for dis particular jolly…I was present in the j…too bad for my Aruba, jn potential(tega) aye bizi bizingo….

Aye Marcus Garvey:

All this deaxing of a thing is one of the problem in nbm, those men you deaxed especially my Aruba JN tega( potential ), are dedicated axemen, if you think you can deaxe axemen the way you feel, then only you will play the movement…….or do you think that’s the way of solving the situations at hand, instead you are creating more problems……why don’t you also deaxe me my strong name is aye Marcus Garvey JN saviour….it hurts…..jn tega i go still dy give you egede till i die…..( kwale zonal head i will like you to tell me what you have contributed into the lives of axemen in the institutions around you, what are your impact in their lives)…..una bam o…founders of nbm…….

Aye Oba Adesua:

All dz deaxe issue of a tin does n0t help d m0vement instead it leads to m0re pr0blem in such a way dat all dz men wey dem deaxe will go online nd oda social media casting d codes and tinz abt d movement to jew and injew…i bliv dat dy sh0uld b oda ways of punishment instead of deaxeing dat does n0t even stop doz men 4rm aving d o.t dat has already gum dem abt d way forward o

Aye Odigaodigarn:

Dis deaxe of a tin we cux more problem and i believe say all d jew wey dem no bam self fit cross carpet con dey oppress ayes later n frm dere HIT continue i believe say one sm no fit play d game all alone if una only u dey play game i believe say Nbm no go reach dis stage aye axe men una bam ooo i believe say una wan try commot kitikiti frm Nbm but na orientation wise ooo always 6 b4 7 aye axemen e sweet me as i reason my bella

Aye Oginga Odinga:

Jn savior, fmr elder olobiri HT u bam…for the first time since I bam 2013, ashanti is a united T based on the cordination of potential(the chairman).. elebe don light dis same potential cos of nbm if not for the fact dat he is m.y tested, he for don die cos of nbm, potential still take as pain behead ostrich( elebe NO 2) all to the glory of ashanti HT, for the first time, ashanti don get LP(elevation 2015)…what does he get inreturn DEAXED….not fair at all…wetin happen to suspension?…

Aye Oba Adesua:

Abi! Suspensi0n beta pass deaxe…d0z men are bam egede men o…nbm na way f0rward

Aye Kwame Nkrumah:

Suspension beta pass deaxe, cos dis kind time na way forward n.b.m need mibros

Aye Marcus Garvey:

All this problem we are facing is because of this deaxed axemen, do you think anyone will be happy been deaxed from the movement, who do you think that uche tobias is that is publishing wrong information about the movement, he was an sm, in delta zone a lord was deaxed, out of annoyance he burst the arena with jews, there was a serious fight at the arena, all the information about bursting of jolly and itohan who do you think is giving those information to the police…my dear dont be surprised is your fellow axeman that was deaxed, so please i use kf to beg the national body and zonal to use their 7 before they carry out their stupid deaxing…..because you people( national,zonal) are nt facing any stress frm each institution, you think you can just raise your metal and pronounce as you wish, see a time will come were those national and zonal will be wiped out of this movement….coz ave seen many new bam identifying lord…and if after cnb and the zonal head of the new bam identifying is been called for confirmation, he will say yes his a lord, lord wit no orentation after they will use their cbn to buy office…thats why we do hear their stupid obonte reasoning……the other one that annoys me most is the suspention of 77, can u imagin, ave they ever suspended chrismas or independence day……we are the one’s causing/creating problems for ourself……na way 4ward we dy pray for o…..national or zonal whatever u call urself wayo o…..

Lord Bob Nesta Marley:

Please Zonal H* and national H’* before deaxing” a Tample Exco was the information passed to them not to do Ini*  or jolly because I now see this NBM as an ogboni matter since the war in benin why did the National Head refuse to announce to SM to pause the war and I belive the temple wasn’t involve in the war* abi na temple they cause war now’ I’m surprise with the way Zonal bodies and national bodies take this great movement for they think.  ayes like making trouble’ imagine inju’s starting the war 1st* by droping a strong man* what do Zonal H and national H have to say because their fellow Zonal head was arrested they now want to change the movement’ see for Temple to pause people wil go down”” if they really want a change in this great movement they should work with temple’ Zonal and National bodies can’t do anything to make this movement grow by pausing temple’ I see the national and Zonal bodies been Sentimental.I want the national head to use NBM trinity before spoiling him self in front of temple’s world wild. I know  about three temples  in west that did  Jolly  last week and all the Ju’s where Bam’ why is NH fooling himself””” if Ayes or lord Die how much do Zone give to the family* nothing*   they fail in the position they should show their self in benin all d lords and SM dat went down* what did Zone do nothing they only know how to eat CBN*  you need to see what Tobias has don with the picture of NH*  Tricycle rider ””””” if they truly want  way forward 4 NBM the Temple exco should be in the P1 where Important discussion will be made* temple gives NBM the glory’* we have future Zonal H and National H * in Temples so please our NH nd ZH should use NBM trinity before spoiling the movement with there hand* Kwale ZH use ur 6 b4 7 and up lift the deaxation. Bcos nemesis will surely cash up with any agent of Destruction and oppression or betrayer to the NBM aka black Axe’ wish you are doing*