NBM Member Distribution – Italy

Italy with quite serious problems….

Fun fact (unless you reside in Italy): Of the country’s 20 regions and 301,340 km2 of land only 2 regions have no immediately apparent presence of Axemen. Which equates to 16,870 km2 (5.6%) of Axeman free territory and 284,470 km2 (94.4%) of Axeman infested territory.

More stats & visualisation map & insight into the methodology below:

The map below was created using a sample of 100 members. I collected together a list of 170 NBM members in Italy and for 100 of them I was able to determine a probable location.

It’s notable a much higher % of members in Italy were hiding their location compared to their German counterparts (The location of 100 German Axemen was determined from only 108 members found).

The data shows two cities of much higher density: Rome and Milan. With only Trentino-South Tyrol & the tiny Aosta Valley not represented.

Perhaps this might change as my current NBM OSINT project progresses but currently this is what my data shows:

Edit: Now found well over 400 members in Italy

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