Pay to View Content

Edit: I’m now only hiding some content temporarily as to not compromise my research. As a result I’m not convinced the subscription is fantastic value. Refunds have been issued to all those who did sub!

Dear readers,

I’ve taken the decision today to begin presenting some of the content posted here as ‘Pay To View’.

The blogs main aim has always been:

1) to raise awareness on the NBM around the world with the hope of disrupting their activities

2) to annoy the hell out of them wherever possible

I will endeavor to continue to post as much content (for free) as possible that fulfills these aims.

However some of the content consumes many hundreds (perhaps thousands over the years) of hours of my time and also in many cases I deem too sensitive for the axemen to be reading themselves (they have always been the most regular readers of the site).

So it is for this reason I have made this decision.

Aside from the above… It now gives you the option to support my work!

Subscriptions (for Premium Content) can be acquired here:

Note: £50 is an annual fee.

One off donations can be made here:

The payments are facilitated securely through WordPress (using Stripe) and require you (at least in the case of subscriptions) to register an account with WordPress. This will enable you to access the hidden content.

One last polite notice: Anybody using the payment facility with a payment card that isn’t their own will be tracked down and slapped into tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Uche Tobias

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