Killed by Italy Mafia

A number of Benin Lords located in Spain, Italy and Germany recently sharing and reacting to the demise of ‘Desmond’ who they say was killed by the Italian mafia.

A news article here that appears to cover the incident:


Concern is growing in Castel Volturno, a broken city in the Italian region of Campania, over the death of a 31-year-old unnamed Nigerian migrant.

 The undocumented migrant was shot dead September 10 in an attack in which another unnamed Nigerian, 36, was wounded. Police suspect a group of Italians for the attack, which has been blamed on the battle for territorial control among criminal gangs.

 A major settlement for undocumented especially African migrants, Castel Volturno has become a hotbed of violence between Nigeria’s Black Axe Confraternity and other groups, including the Camorra, Italy’s old mafia.

Luigi Petrella, mayor of the city said yesterday that the situation “has become unmanageable,” adding that the population of irregular migrants amid the pandemic “grew visibly.” 

“There were 20,000 at the start of the year while today there are between 22,000 and 23,000.”

Neglected by government supposedly for its dominant migrant element, Castel Volturno has since collapsed into a ghetto bursting with crime, including drugs, prostitution and people trafficking.

Over 60,000 undocumented African migrants are believed to be resident in the area and the figure is further rising due to the pandemic. Lack of opportunities amid the refugee flux is, in part, contributing to the ugly situation.

“Episodes like this attack are the consequence of a lack of control of the territory, which is impossible to implement with the men and the means that we have. I am extremely concerned,” said the mayor.

“The state needs to intervene, I don’t want to use the situation, but it is necessary once and for all to manage a situation that has become unmanageable: the municipality, with just a few local police officers, can’t do much, only denounce,” he added.

Right-wing sentiments against migrants in the country are rising with the degeneration that has taken place, but government is unable to control the refugee flow as the city lies by the Mediterranean. Petrella said “it is impossible to control the territory and to guarantee the security of citizens.”

“The mayor complains legitimately,” said police chief Franco Gabrielli. “I have long stated that Castel Volturno is the emblem of how the migration phenomenon is managed—always with the approach used for an emergency; the dust is placed under the carpet and in the end, it becomes a problem of public order.”  

Blaming a lack of vision in the Italian government, Gabrielli said “flows must be regulated and, if this doesn’t happen, entries become illegal. It is then necessary to repatriate those who commit crimes and, finally, it is necessary to promote paths of integration. If we marginalize people, we create places of neglect and crime, which can also lead to situations of terrorism.”

Ogun: Police arrest Black Axe cultists at procession for dead member


The Ogun State Police Command has arrested eight persons suspected to be members of a cult gang, Neo-Black Movement, otherwise known as the ‘Black Axe’, while on a candlelight procession for a dead member in Ogijo Town, Sagamu Local Government Area.

The arrest was made on September 24 following a report lodged at Ogijo police station where a 16-year-old boy identified as Onome Iduru was rushed to after being shot in the stomach by the gang who were in a funeral procession in honour of their departed colleague.

According to Command spokesman DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, the cultists dispossessed the victim of his mobile phone and went ahead to unleash terror in the community.

‘Upon the report, the DPO Ogijo division, CSP Muhammed Suleiman Baba, led his men to the scene where eight members of the violent group namely: Olatunji Opeyemi, m, 26, Ayuba Oduola, m, 25, Sobowale Abiodun, m, 28, Sobowale Sunday, m, 25, Adelowo Olalekan, m, 32, Kareem Lanre, m, 21, Emmanuel Adebisi, m, 21 and Tobiloba Wasiu, m, 20, were arrested after serious encounter with the policemen.

‘A banner designed with the group insignia to announce the death of their member was recovered from them while the injured victim was taken to Oladayo hospital for medical attention.

‘The Commissioner of Police, CP Edward Awolowo Ajogun, has ordered the transfer of the suspects to state criminal investigation and intelligence department for further investigation. The CP, therefore, warned that any group or individual who engaged in any activity capable of undermining the peace of the state will be dealt with in a very decisive manner, he then appealed to parents to warm their wards not to be part of any unlawful society as the results may be catastrophic,’ he stated.

Pregnant woman killed in Ikorodu cult clash

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NBM Member Distribution – Italy

Italy with quite serious problems….

Fun fact (unless you reside in Italy): Of the country’s 20 regions and 301,340 km2 of land only 2 regions have no immediately apparent presence of Axemen. Which equates to 16,870 km2 (5.6%) of Axeman free territory and 284,470 km2 (94.4%) of Axeman infested territory.

More stats & visualisation map & insight into the methodology below:

The map below was created using a sample of 100 members. I collected together a list of 170 NBM members in Italy and for 100 of them I was able to determine a probable location.

It’s notable a much higher % of members in Italy were hiding their location compared to their German counterparts (The location of 100 German Axemen was determined from only 108 members found).

The data shows two cities of much higher density: Rome and Milan. With only Trentino-South Tyrol & the tiny Aosta Valley not represented.

Perhaps this might change as my current NBM OSINT project progresses but currently this is what my data shows:

Edit: Now found well over 400 members in Italy

Pay to View Content

Edit: I’m now only hiding some content temporarily as to not compromise my research. As a result I’m not convinced the subscription is fantastic value. Refunds have been issued to all those who did sub!

Dear readers,

I’ve taken the decision today to begin presenting some of the content posted here as ‘Pay To View’.

The blogs main aim has always been:

1) to raise awareness on the NBM around the world with the hope of disrupting their activities

2) to annoy the hell out of them wherever possible

I will endeavor to continue to post as much content (for free) as possible that fulfills these aims.

However some of the content consumes many hundreds (perhaps thousands over the years) of hours of my time and also in many cases I deem too sensitive for the axemen to be reading themselves (they have always been the most regular readers of the site).

So it is for this reason I have made this decision.

Aside from the above… It now gives you the option to support my work!

Subscriptions (for Premium Content) can be acquired here:

Note: £50 is an annual fee.

One off donations can be made here:

The payments are facilitated securely through WordPress (using Stripe) and require you (at least in the case of subscriptions) to register an account with WordPress. This will enable you to access the hidden content.

One last polite notice: Anybody using the payment facility with a payment card that isn’t their own will be tracked down and slapped into tomorrow.

Kind Regards

Uche Tobias

NBM Member Distribution – Germany

The first part of visualizing NBM member location throughout the World.

Based on a sample of 100 members.

Edit: now found well over 200

147 is the Magic Number

I think everyone knows by now that ‘7’ is a significant number for the NBM.

The ‘7’ represents the AXE

Plus the NBM were formed on the 7th July 1977. So their anniversary of creation falls on the dreaded 7/7 every year.

The number of ‘7’ is also used in several of their coded philosophical phrases. For example: “Use your 6 before your 7” which would translate as: use your brain before your axe. A phrase used to attempt to persuade the more violent members to engage what few brain cells they have before they kill somebody. Of course not always adhered too….

“Nothing can shake my 7” been another example.

The NBM also refer to the “Hierarchy of 7” = the 7 ranks that form the temple (uni) structure.

The drink that members get smashed out of their noggins on also has 7 ingredients: Palm wine, white blood, red blood, kola-nut, weed, alligator pepper and medicine.


There are also the ‘7 rights of an axeman’:

Right to vote
Right to be voted for
Right not to be played on your struggle
Right not to played in front of a jew or in-jew
Right to be played by not more than 4 men
Right to locate ground where you’ll be played.
Right to reason.

Mostly dictating the conditions under which a member can be punished (a location of his choice, not in front of non-members or members of another cult and by not more than 4 people).

Furthermore it’s fairly well known, although perhaps less so, that 147 (also seen as 0147) is also a special number for the NBM. A number they often use as a secret code to identity themselves within their groups or to celebrate their membership.

It too has a coded meaning:

0 = Beret

1 = Knife

4 = Gun

7 = Axe

Essentially the favoured items of this great charity with an item of clothing thrown in for good measure.

Of course the name of the blog here is not called “Bemigho 147 Watch” by chance….

147 can be seen everywhere around the NBM. On their birthdays they’ll often be wished another 147 years of life.

It also appears heavily in their usernames, email addresses, codes etc etc.

Today I thought it’d be a good idea to document this more scientifically and show their coding system gives them away in other data sets 😉

Taking the membership data from a popular NBM secret forum I analyzed the usernames and email addresses of it’s 800+ members.

Of the 842 members 299 of them have number(s) following their usernames and they look like this:

Of the 299 members 80% have a ‘7’ somewhere in their username

Of the 299 members 20% do not have a ‘7’ anywhere in their username

The most common numbers are:

147 – 78 (26%)
0147 – 41 (13.7%)
7 – 36 (12%)
77 – 29 (9.7%)
4 – 12 (4%) also includes 04
1 – 11 (3.7%) also includes 01
777 – 10 (3.3%)
07 – 8 (2.7%)
47 – 8 (2.7%)
007 – 7 (2.3%)

The same can be done with the registered email addresses

Of the 842 email addresses 429 of them include a number

Of the 429 emails with a number… 35% include at least one ‘7’

And 65% do not have a ‘7’ anywhere in their address.

A bit less obvious in the emails than the usernames but still a highly pronounced frequency of ‘7’ appearing than would be expected in a normal sample of the population.

The email addresses bearing ‘147’ or ‘0147’ number 48 which represent over 11% of them. So although they think they are behaving covertly…. Over 1 in 10 of the members of egedezone give themselves away (or at least are thrown into the bin of been highly probably a member) just by the email address they have chosen.

The most common number in the email addresses are as follow:

0147 or 147 – 48 (11.2%)
04 or 4 – 41 (9.5%)
07, 007, 0007 or 7 – 33 (7.7%)
01, 001 or 1 – 23 (5.3%)
77 – 12 (2.8%)
02 or 2 – 11 (2.6%)
047 or 47 – 9 (2.1%)
0, 00 or 000 – 8 (1.9%)

This all may seem like a useless focus of attention of no significance….

But i believe not.

Next I took the most recent email addresses from an anti-fraud forum that collect and publishing 419 email templates and the ‘reply to’ email addresses. I collected over 5000 of them and performed the same analysis. Counting how many times each number appeared in the data set.

2754 of the email addresses included a number.

Sorting these by frequency something interesting happens…

Top are emails containing only the number 1 with 201 instances (7.3%)

Next are emails containing just a number 2 with 92 instances (3.3%)

Emails containing just a number 4 are next with 60 instances (2.2%)

Zero is the next most common with 56 instances (2%)

Strangely (or perhaps not) number 7 is represented in the data with a much higher frequency than we would expect to see in a selection of random email addresses.

55 of the email addresses finish with a single ‘7’ (2%)

This is far higher than should be expected. Certainly much much higher than if the email addresses were randomly generated.

7 even beats the number ‘2020’ which occurred next a total of 49 times (1.8%)

The 419 scammers email addresses have the following numerical occurences:

1 – 201 (7.3%)
2 – 92 (3.3%)
4 – 60 (2.2%)
0 – 56 (2.0%)
7 – 55 (2.0%)
2020 – 49 (1.8%)
3 – 42 (1.5%)
9 – 40 (1.4%)
11 – 34 (1.2%)
5 – 32 (1.2%)
12 – 32 (1.2%)
22 – 31 (1.1%)
8 – 30 (1.1%)
101 – 29 (1.0%)
20 – 25 (0.9%)
6 – 22 (0.8%)
19 – 19 (0.7%)
77 – 17 (0.6%)
10 – 15 (0.5%)
24 – 15 (0.5%)

Looking at the above it’s understandable that ‘1’ is the most frequent (after of course no number been much more common). A scammer will create and then (either when its dead or in addition)

In the same breath will also be created so it’s of little surprise that ‘2’ is very high up the chart.

Next comes ‘4’ which is commonly added in the middle of an email name (this is why it ranked highly in the NBM forum stats too). Not only will exist but as I mention it’s quite common to see addresses like: and

So 4 been high up in the rankings is also not so much of a surprise.

But then why next the number ‘7’??

Why are there more emails like than or indeed and

The stats here go somewhat out of sequence than what should be expected. Perhaps it’s just a random anomaly.

Indeed you might think this until you sort the numbers themselves in order and something else stands out:

133 is represented once….
134, 135, 136 are not represented at all
137 is represented once….
138 and 139 are not represented at all
140 is represented once….
141, 142, 143, 144 are not represented at all
145 is represented once….
146 also is represented once….

147 is represented 8 times!

148 is not represented
149 is represented once….
150 is represented once….
151 is represented once….
152 is represented once….

This is much more obvious and I dont feel I can be called a quack by suggesting that a good number of the email addresses have been created by NBM members.

What a fantastic charity.

What fantastic ambassadors of Africa these gits are.

LP/Jolly Disclosure Wahala

NBM members complaining about their LP’s (Local Productions) been made available publicly.

Complaints they are been uploaded to Youtube and made available to the ears of the common ju (non-member).

A careless activity indeed. One that seemingly annoys a lot of members.

So here’s: NBM Universal Jolly 2020 (by Songito)

Notably one of the more accessible jolly/LP’s I’ve heard without incoherent lyrics and a barrage of gunfire at the beginning. Massive tosh nevertheless.

Followed by a much more typical LP… Locally produced by the German Zone. For a piece of music that represents a charity who work tirelessly (or perhaps not) for orphans around the globe I’ve never understood the requirement for the music to be overlayed with the relentless sound of gunfire.

I guess the NBM of Africa is simply a very unique charity.

And given each and every release into the public domain makes an Assman cry a little….

and the instructions are: “LP should be shared from one axeman to the other”

and…. “do not share blindly to anonymous location”

Here’s my whole collection:

Note: the local productions are mostly created by the temples that dont exist… although secretly they do. Where the NBM has no presence (except secretly).