Manchester Zone – First Officers of the Manchester Mafia.

Created initially as a ‘sub-zone’ to the London Zone in 2008 the Manchester Zone very quickly became a full zone in it’s own right (later the same year).

Here are the holders of office in that first administration:

The executive council of London sub zone Manchester.

Head– Jew name: Uyi Armani, Strong Name: Harare mugabe, Year of blending: Ipkitan 1998.

Chief Priest: Jew name: Oseki  Nosa, Strong name: Are ona kankanfo, Year of blending: FJ2 2002.

Chairman of council of elders: Jew name: Emma Ighedo, Strong Name: Jomo Kenyatta, Year of blending: FJ1 94.


1) Jew name: Clem Aboh, Strong name: Lamizana, Year of blending: FJ1 95

2) Jew name, Marcus Nwose, Strong name: Marthin Luther King Jr, Year of blending:        Limpopo 85.

3) Aimuan Ekhaguosa, Strong name: Komo Karume, Year of blending FJ1 96

4) Jew name: Dave Dauda, Strong name: Yasser Arafat, Year of blending: KB 93

5) Jew name: IK Omoruyi, Strong name: Muta Baruka, Year of blending: Kalakuta 2002.

6) Jew name: Nath Okwueki, Strong name: Malcolm X, Year of blending: Kanta Ethiopia 94

7) Jew Name; Osagie Akinlele, Strong name; Ibn Sankara, Year of blending: UDI 92

8) Jew Name: Jay Jay, Strong name: Jesse Jackson, Year of blending: Kiriji 96

Ihaza: Jew name: Chuka Charles, Strong name: Titi Camara, Year of blending: Soweto 99.

Chief Buthcher: Jew name: Efosa  james, Strong name: Usman Danfodio, Year of blending: FJ2 2002

Butcher: Jew name: Sunny Egbon, Strong name: Jaja Opobo, Year of blending: FJ2 2003

Eye: Jew Name: Peter Eghosa, Strong name: Ibn walata, Year of blending: Ikogosi 2003.

Crier: Jew name: Kelvin White, Strong Name Jesse Makoko, Year of blending: Ikpitan 2001

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