Lanre Olaiya and his African Hero in Guantanamo Bay

The London Zone’s (former Butcher 2) Lanre Olaiya was initiated into the NBM/Black Axe at Odo Eje High Temple (Ekiti State University) in 2001. At that moment in 2001 he relinquished his inferior “ju name” and took on the his ‘Strong Name’. The ‘Strong Name’ been one that is used to add an extra degree of secrecy and anonymity to their communications.

The ‘Strong Name’ is the name of an “African Hero”.

Some such as Nelson Mendela are not in dispute by many. A true hero of humanity who would probably turn in his grave if he knew the NBM had hijacked his name for their own shady usage.

So does Lanre Olaiya feel a surge of inspiration when fellow members address him? In his case he’s neither Lord Mandela or Lord Martin Luther King… He is instead addressed as: Lord Mohammed Bani.

Born in Sudan in 1962 Mohammed Bani’s resume sounds like he’d have been quite an home in the NBM. In Afghanistan he worked for an NGO collecting money for orphans. An NGO the USA’s DoD state he “probably assisted diverting NGO funds intended for orphans to Al-Qaida”.

Further describing him as having “a long history of working for NGOs associated in support of terrorism”.

Mohammed Bani worked for the Afghan Support Committee (ASC) later designated as a “global terrorist group” operating 18 orphanages both recruiting centers and also as fronts for terror financing.

One of his key roles been to lie about the number of orphans present at any such institution in order to raise extra funds.

The ASC’s finance chief was: Abu Bakr Al Jaziri. Also holding the role of ‘Head of organised fundraising’ for Usama Bin Laden.

Later Mohammed Bani worked for the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society (RIHS). Also designated as a “global terrorist group”. Designated in the US as a “Counter-terrorism Tier One NGO… defined as those having demonstrated sustained support for terrorist organisations willing to atatck US persons or interests”.

RIHS also operated orphanages where the operators intent was to inflate the figures of orphans present to divert to surplus money for terrorist groups.

Mohammed Bani was classified as a MEDIUM level threat to the USA and her allies and resided at Guantanamo Bay from 2004 till 2007 when he was transferred into Sudanese custody.


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