Long prison sentences in international drug dealing

Source: https://www.goteborgdirekt.se/nyheter/langa-fangelsestraff-i-internationell-knarkharva/repthn!GfnlvnNoAODZ0GHpN3gsaQ/

(translated from Swedish)

Imprisonment of between three and a half and nine and a half years – that was the sentences for 14 of the 15 people who were charged in an international drug scandal connected to Gothenburg.

It was the police in Austria who first noticed the extensive drug smuggling before they contacted the Danish police and the Swedish Customs in the spring of 2018. Lots of drugs had been smuggled from the Netherlands where it was packed in capsules and then marked with different designations for further sale in Gothenburg, for example.

In October last year, the trial began, in which 15 people were indicted on suspicion of extremely serious drug smuggling and extremely serious drug crime.

The preliminary investigation covers approximately 14,000 pages. According to the indictment, the persons are estimated to have handled over 132 kilos of heroin and cocaine at a street price of SEK 112 million.

– This is the largest case in the Swedish Customs’ history, not in the amount of seizures but in scope, Gill Eriksson, deputy head of the Customs Criminal Unit, told Göteborg Direkt in connection with the prosecution.

The main hearing lasted for a total of 68 days of negotiations and ended in mid-July.  

The prosecutor said that the people had connections to the Nigerian mafia network Black Ax, but one of the court members, councilor Anna Hansell, says that they could not find any such connections.

– The investigation shows that an organized activity has been behind the smuggling to Sweden, but we have not found support for any connections to the Nigerian network Black Ax, says Anna Hansell in a press release.

All but one of the accused are now sentenced to between three and a half and nine and a half years in prison. The person who was released completely was charged with aiding and abetting extremely serious drug smuggling and extremely serious drug offenses.

Among those convicted are people in Gothenburg who received batches of capsules and then delivered them in smaller parts within defined geographical areas.

– It is clear that these people have had a well-established customer base which has meant that they have quickly received sales for the capsules received, says Anna Hannell.

All persons who are convicted and who are not Swedish citizens are expelled after the sentence has been served. They are forbidden to return here for a period of between ten years and life. 

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