The Black Axe Bounce Back

Every tax year at tax return o’clock Axemen scramble to fill out tax returns.

Similarly when a disaster strikes in the USA the Axemen are first in line to apply for emergency funds from FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency). Funds that have been allocated by the government to help the population rebuild their lives.

Been somewhat human I have no issues with (the very small handful of) Axemen who operate legitimate businesses applying for refunds when they have overpaid tax during the year.

In the same breath should an Axeman and his family have their house destroyed in Florida during a hurricane… I wouldn’t moan too hard that they’d applied and received funds from FEMA to help them rebuild their life.

However I’ve never seen an axeman overpay tax or have their house destroyed in a hurricane.

What I do see however is thousands of tax returns made on other peoples behalf without any of them knowing. Money that is gifted to the NBM members far too easily. Money they have the government often load for them onto digital untraceable debit cards.

Also Axemen living all around the world applying to FEMA (for up-to $200,000) for houses they only claim are destroyed. Claims they make in other peoples name. Often from the same personal and financial information they have used for their bogus tax returns.

It was under this backdrop of opportunism, deception and profiteering that when governments around the world announced various schemes (such as furlough payments and bounce back loans) to support those individuals and businesses effected by coronavirus… I predicted it would be a scheme heavily abused.

In the past months that has turned out to be the case with identity thieves recycling as much of their old data as possible and making claims for help in as many names as possible.

As with the tax returns and the FEMA assistance very little is done to prevent abuse and the criminals are gifted money incredibly easily.

The Axemen know this and are again first in line with their hands out. Making as many applications for financial help as they can. Limited only by the number of hours in the day they can sit at a PC filling out the forms.

A typical ‘fullz information” that the axmen are using (with retractions):

“TERI”,”XXXXXX”,”XXXX XXXXXX DR”,”WEST MONROE”,”LA”,”71291″,””,”9/10/19XX”,”199.244.XXX.XXX”,”4/8/2014 6:59″,”434636XXX”,”5448XXX”,”LA”,”NO”,””,”43″,”$300.00″,””,””,”3183496XXX”,””,”3189986XXX”,”YES”,””,”ANYTIME”,”RENT”,”1″,”1″,”BI-WEEKLY”,”DAY”,”$1;501-1;7″,”4/11/2014″,”4/25/2014″,””,”XXXXX SURGICAL HOSPITAL”,”7173900XXX”,”0″,”4″,”EMPLOYEE”,””,”EMPLOYMENT”,””,”CHECKING”,”PAPER CHEC”,”PROGRESSIVE BANK”,””,”111102XXX”,”4024XXX”,”0″,”0″,””,””,” “,””,””

Of which they have many tens of thousand to work through.

So the moral of the story is….

Just because you’ve not sent Western Union funds (or your life savings) to Axemen lottery scammers it doesn’t mean you haven’t been a victim of NBM related fraud.

We’re all going to be paying for this latest upsurge in free money given to them for many years to come. The bill is going to be in the billions.

13 thoughts on “The Black Axe Bounce Back

  1. Man i no dy play “obote”…i dy use my 7 via future i dy reason..ur reasom “bam”…but diz mata no b mata of pikin or man sence..Wisdom matters..all my life i have practiced NBM trying to know the biography of this movement..i love NBM thats y am trying to knw whats going within axemen in Nigeria


  2. Give me reason..
    if what u are saying is true..why all the favours given to NBM are not reaching we temple aye..we have graduates who have no job..why can’t our Nationals help the youth have something doing for the betterment of our country..if all diz are done then NBM will never be called an illegal and criminal organisation.its because of the unemployment in our country that brings corruption..we need change in Nigeria even Africa worldwide..corruption has eaten up the mind and heart our leaders


    • by “favours” you mean jobs and kaluba correct?

      I’m not sure if you are a naive pikin or your brain has been already perverted into the ways of corruption far too early.

      The jobs and cash gifted to the NBM are for favours they give in the form of political thuggery. Killing and kicking the shit out of people at election time.

      Na so that political thuggery no be ‘OPPRESSION”?

      Na so that kaulba and jobs for such activity be “EQUALITY”?

      Pull yourself together man,

      Favours for such activities are the very definition of corruption. The organisation be a whole global case study of corruption.

      Go check self and use your 6 b4 your 7


  3. …since diz covid19 issue zones don forget about temples and forums..all the money given 2 zones,even 1naira was given 2 temples and forums..the movement started in the 1970s there was love,peace,equal right nd justice…in 1990s NBM has turned its back against temples nd went along with the zones forgeting that it was the temples that statrted operating b4 the zone..we have top men in NBM who can help many of us achieve our goal.but corruption has blind our leaders…there are alot of money in NBM account..companies should be that al diz alligation laid on axemen could love..a cry for 1 is a cry for all


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