Barking Mad

As public awareness around the world on the NBM grows it’s good to see rising media interest and rising attention also by law enforcement. It’s a cyclic effect that is very positive.

In the past 12 months outside out Nigeria there’s been a sharp rise in articles that expose the operations of the NBM and chip away at it’s phony facade as a humanitarian organisation/charity.

Articles by such high profile publications as Harpers (USA), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), Le Monde (France), BBC (UK), Russia Today, ABC (Australia) and CTV (Canada) help the cause greatly. As do the regular, almost weekly, appearances of the NBM in both Swedish and Italian media releases.

Not to mention their inclusion in the ‘journal of counter-terrorism’.

Such rising consciousness on the issue helps create an environment where the NBM finds it’s operations inhibited and it’s members under pressure.

However it’s not a hard and fast rule that members are scurrying for cover under rocks everywhere. For every Zone that has frightened members, paranoid and “on guard” there is a Zone where it’s members socialize as the NBM in public, lead very public lives and in very strange cases hold positions of authority.

One such example is the United Kingdom.

Having already documented the shocking inclusion of Jude Moedu in a central government role it’s very sad and worrying for me to say I’ve encountered a second individual with similar employment in London.

Elder of the London Zone: Von Edomi

The London Zone’s Von Edomi is currently working in local government as Corporate Communications Manager at London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Coincidentally Barking and Dagenham been Lord Ibr Godidi (Alex Osebor) main focus of interest for building identity profiles (by the tens of thousand) in his criminal exploits as an ID thief.

Generally NBM members have a policy of not shitting in their own backyard. For example Spain Zone members don’t spam out their lottery scams to the Spanish. It’s not smart.

Again this is not the case in the UK. Members there under so little pressure they can seemingly do whatever they please.

What makes this situation even more bewildering (and frankly aggravating) is that it’s not the case the NBM are completely off the radar to authorities in the UK.

Only last year the United Kingdom’s Crown Prosecution Service Specialist Fraud Division released a statement describing the NBM as a “crime syndicate”. Further stating: ” Black Axe is a banned organisation in Nigeria and has been linked to decades of murders, rapes, extortion and drug dealing in Nigeria and across the world”

Although the CPS used the term “Black Axe” and not ‘NBM’ they referred to “Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo, the leader of Black Axe” several times. Which although incorrect at the time of publication they are very obviously describing the NBM (which are of course only popularly known as ‘The Black Axe’ but not officially).

So the big question is….

When you belong to an organisation described by your locations principal public agency for conducting criminal prosecutions as a “crime syndicate”.

When you belong to an organisation in the news regularly as been responsible for human trafficking, drug trafficking and a myriad of other nasty crimes.

When you rub shoulders with one of the country’s most prolific ID fraudsters (who just happens to be operating mostly in the local government area who you are employed by).

When your facebook freind list is a who’s who of the Nigerian Mafia world.

And when the blog documenting your organisation’s exploits has to suspend collecting the news clippings of the murders they’ve been involved with because there are so many….

How the hell are these people able to get jobs in government?

Perhaps writing to Margaret Hodge MP and Jon Cruddas MP might shed some light on the BAD area’s recruitment policies.

Let’s find out.

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