Ikpoba Zone Wahala

The Axeman is fast becoming an endangered species under the leadership of Felix Kupa. His dealing out of spectacular numbers of suspensions, de-axations and removals from office continue.

Only days ago the Ikpoba Zonal Head was suspended and the Zone’s second in command is given the authority to act as Head.

In this case the ZH Lord Idris Aloma guilty of using the organisation’s name in political negotiations & “leading men with NBM symbols and paraphernalia boldly in display on a political rally”

Whilst the leadership of the NBM usually have no issues with the NBM taking part in political marches, rallies and violent shenanigans (provided enough kaluba is donated) … A fair assumption of why this would be a problem in this instance would be the ZH mobilized his men against another entity also sponsoring the NBM.

Which would be nothing new. Edo State elections often see two sides both paying members of the NBM resulting in direct conflict and more than a little internal friction.

NBM of Africa Worldwide
N/Hq. Amagba, Benin City, Edo State
5th August, 2020

Aye! Axe-men,


Sequel to the report and  recommendation of the Midwest Regional Head on the treacherous activities of Ikpoba Zonal Head, the NEXCO hereby approves as follows:

1. Ikpoba Zonal Head, dju name Erhibo Owanta, Lord Idris Aloma is here placed on indefinite suspension.
2. He should hand over all  NBM properties in his possession to the Zonal CP
3. He is not to be seen in any NBM gathering and should not be communicated with on issues pertaining to the Movement.
4. He should within 72 hours put into writing to the leadership of the Movement through the National Eye, why further disciplinary action should not taken against him.

 Reasons For Suspension

1. Directly flaunting orders of the National Head
2. Using the name of the Movement in political negotiations against the orders of the National Head.
3. Leading men with NBM symbols and paraphernalia boldly in display on a political rally against the warning of the NEXCO.
4. Disrespect for constituted authorities
5. Gross misconduct.

 *** The Zonal CP should immediately take over the leadership of the zone till further notice.

Aye! Axe-men,

Lord Mokiti Mozuzu
National  Head
NBM of Africa, Worldwide

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