Sapele Zone Soweto Day Wahala

Former TH (Temple Head) and CP (Chief Priest) of FJ1 (Uniben) gives his account of some wahala in the Sapele Zone arena (gang hangout) on Sowetos Day (June 16th)

A fellow broda invited me to sapele Ayes forum to mark Sowetos Day.The event was slated for 2pm,but we arrived there around 3.30 the occassion is still pending and the venue was ARENA.The chairman of the forum welcomed and entertained us with kokoma while we were waiting for the event to commence,by then they said they are waiting the arrival of the Zonal HEAD.Before the arrival they introduced the former Zonal Head to us so the entertainment continues with lots of introduction with some former zonal excos.That day was a rainy day in Sapele we have to occupy a small bar inside the arena.By 4.30 the Z.H arrived dju name Solo Abeke,he entered the bar and the situation goes like this—make all ayes they cut comot hear sharply me and my COE want to sit down hear one aye come stand up tell am say Head and Grey from FJ dey here o im say what as im dey see us make we they fade.still we no argue we still sit down since im no regard uss.the ZH come order the forum cabin to remove us say we want to rebel am for im zone ,but the guy no say if im near us na fuck up so im bone.the zh come dey scatter plastic chairs one TEMPLE cp tell am say im na still CP the ZH play the guy with im own leg say make the guy come dey order for cigar when this thing dey go on ,as im one to hold my shirt na im the forum AYES remove im hand say why im go hold me say im fuck up to tell HEAD for FJ1 say make im fade say why im no get regard for say i will de axe the fj head cos im want to rebel me for im one zone.The fact is that the truth must be told that guy is the Z.H sapele Zone,but he did not behaved well that is why the temple ayes there fought with him.Thats was how the soweto massacre’s Day in Sapele went

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