Ewekoko High Temple Wahala

This hasn’t gone down well at all…..

                      NBM of Africa
                Apapa Zonal Chapter


National Head,
Regional Head,
Zonal Head,
Members NBM of Africa Worldwide.


By the powers conferred on me by the constitution of NBM of Africa 2019 as amended and the Council of Elders Apapa Zone, I Lord Kaduna Nzeogwu, Head Apapa Zone hereby place *Ewekoko High Temple (Lagos State University)* on indefinite suspension …

Defiance to the Executive Order dated *19/07/2020* not to engage in Jollification or gathering ….

On this note:
i) *The Temple Head JN Lanre SN Bazi Bagada*
ii) *Temple CP Rasheed SN Fela Anikulapo Kuti*
iii) *Temple Chairman JN Adeniyi Babatunde SN Bazi Bagada*
iv) *All NBM activities within Ewekoko High Temple*

_Are hereby suspended …_

The Jollification held on the *24th July 2020* are declared *null and void* and the initiates remain *JU?s* … This is in accordance with the NBM Constitution and the NEXCO embargo suspending NBM activities worldwide amidst the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic …

The Temple Excos and COE upon this publication are given *72hrs* to write to the Zonal Executive Council of Apapa Zone with reasons while further punishment will not be levied on them for failure in doing so, the *ZEXCO* will recommend the above listed for Deaxation and possible closure of EwekokoHigh Temple …

This suspension is necessary to serve as a deterrent to any member of the movement who indulge in such culpable act. However, the above listed are barred from neither relating with any member of NBM nor be related forthwith …

*Kaduna Nzeogwu*
*Head, Apapa Zone*

cc: *ZCOE*
*Apapa Zone*

8 thoughts on “Ewekoko High Temple Wahala

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  2. no b ful house..i dy worship for “soweto” ebonyi state university..i np gt the ful detail of katsina..bt men way kak dy reason say katsina no gt zone many year ago


  3. I hail from katsina zone..the temple should be given second chance and see if they amend their gross misconduct..NBM is not a fraternity but a movement for freedom fighters…
    JN somadina Akpofeh
    SN Ibn yashid…


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