Breaking News: All NBM Zones Suspended!

If we were to believe the people at the top of the NBM… believe their press statements… believe their statements in court… etc etc. Then we might be a bit baffled by the Temple (Uni) Heads declaring they have only recently been suspended.

The NBM’s involvement in the university system is illegal and it has always been stated (as a super massive lie) that the NBM had many many many years ago turned its back and/or dissolved the Temples.

However it’s documented here over a hundred times that was never the case and the NBM has continued it’s illegal presence in the education system as a secret cult.

It’s very clear from reading the below the Temple Ayes are far from impressed at the recent orders for them to close.

Massive wahala in paradise it seems as the Temple Heads turn mutiny and rebellion up to eleven.


NBM of Africa
All Temple Heads Worldwide


By the power conferred on us by the constitution of NBM of Africa Worldwide and by all Temples worldwide council of elders,We hereby place all Zones on indefinite suspension till further notice.

Reason: for taken the wrong decision of closing and suspending temples..

zones do not have any right to suspend or close a temple at this period,They have omitted temples away from bodies of NBM,Covid19 pandemic is really helping the National,regional and zonal but not helping temples,because temples has been disenfranchised by them..

The pandemic palliative which helps some zonal men did not help any temple men,One Naira was not given to any temples,And they think they can write a note and tell us we have been suspended,That?s impossible..

Is not easy for a temple to pause jolly for months,injew they school axis and game they sub,I believe say una self pass through acada,High Temple is very much different from zone,Una go happy if injew con burst una arena,..

So,with this little note,I believe you people called zones will understand and also comprehend with it..

All proclamation emanating from the zones is hereby treated as NULL and VOID..

All temple heads worldwide.

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