Spain Zonal Congress of Mutiny & Wahala

Lord Santos Kabaka (Ikhide Ovbiesu) was the Spanish Head prior to Lord Gaddafi (Oscar Nehi) and the current Head Lord Oba Kosoko (Tayo Olutoryor).

Lord Santos Kabaka uncovers a “grand conspiracy” against him. Dismantles an “illegal” ‘Zonal Congress’. Suspends the Zonal Crier for announcing the aforementioned “illegal” ‘Zonal Congress’. In addition to suspending the former Zonal Butcher who “attacked the elder igbins and resulted in blood spill and police presence”.

Run of the mill problems for any charity.

it has come to my noticer that certain emsils srer being circulasted by the chsirmasn of spanish zone purporting to suspend me as head of the zone and also other frivolous allegastions

accordingly,let me make it clear that according to nbm constitution, in order to suspend or remove an exco member of the zone,there must two third majority votes of the coe which must be supported by snother two third msjority of the zonalcongress,therefore let it be known worlwide that a mere resolution of a corrupt coe like and a corrupt chsirmsn like ju name pomoruyi cannot remove me from office,i am still head of spanish zone until proven otherwise by the zonal congrees which is called for thast purpose.

secondly,last nite ju name omoruyi overstepped his bpounds when he stasrted calling ayes to attend a congreess which he slated for today,let it be known that such congress is illegal as the chairman of council has no righ to summon a zonal congress,this is gross misconduct wiothout doubt,as if that is not enough,ju name omoruyi yesterday gathered groups of ayes at a bar and then a night club which resulted in a violent fight between a former zxonsl butcher ju nasme olitan and an elder ju name igbins,the former butcher attacked the elder igbins and resulted in blood spill and police presence,omoruyi is trying to raise the tension and insecurity in this zoner under my leadership which i will not accept.

All axemen are to ignore the “it” summoned by the chairman as it will amount to an illegal gathering,and actions will be taken against all those who take part in it.

Finally, it is my `pronouncement that from this moment henceforth,ju name  omoruyi,lord martin lutherking is hereby suspended for gross misconduct from all nbm activities indefintely.

similarly,the zonal crier  ju name edgar who sent out the message for” it “without my instructions and my approval, is hereby suspended indefinitely as this is grand conspiracy and misconduct.

lord santos kabaka
head spanish zone

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