European Boogie Wahala

The European Zones are feeling the pinch financially. They are unable to fulfill their financial obligations to the National Body.

They spent all their party money on lawyers for those arrested in Italy. So Felix Kupa has banned them from partying. To which ‘Head, European Region’ protests.




Sequel to the pronouncement made from your office, barring all zones worldwide that are yet to pay the (500k) Amagba project from celebrating their annual boogie.

Consequently, as the RH of EU Region, I immediately summoned an emergency meeting via our WhatsApp group where we have all heads, NE’s and Zonal chairmen to discuss how best we can remedy the situation.

Sir, after much deliberations merciful head, we have come to appeal to your conscience based on the following reasons;

1. That the European Region right from Adams have always paid every financial obligations to the National body without hesitation.

2. That this year from the start has been financially incurring, from Convention/National dues to European dues to the Italian case to the hosting of the historic first NCOE in diaspora. All these financial commitments we have fulfilled in this same year running.

3. That our brothers who were recently released from incarceration are in dire need of our financial assistance to be able to get on their feet after a long period wasted and as a result, we just took a decision few days ago to levy ourselves so as to be able to come to their rescue before the yultide.

4. That there’s no emergency bail out funds to remedy this situation as at now as all monies collected for boogie/seminar in the various zones has been disbursed to effect the plans made. This notice has obviously caught us unaware.

Sir, with due respect and regard to your most reverend office, I am making a passionate plea on behalf of the leaders of the European Region for you to reconsider your stand by issuing a waiver to European Region based on the reasons conspicuously highlighted above.

This has been financially challenging for the Region, we shall in the earliest time possible in the coming year live up to our billing concerning the project in question. We understand what the completion of this project means to this incumbent administration and we are doing our very best to cooperate with you.

I am making this passionate appeal in good fate on behalf of my Region having in mind that we shall be greeted with a positive response and in no distant time.

Long live NBM of Africa!
Long live European Region!!!

Yours in service
Lord Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Head, European Region.

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