Italy Zone Legal Wahala

From 2017 in the aftermath of the dozen or so NBM members arrested in Italy. A member spearheads the defence of the members arrested in Italy. Seems that the name NBM/Black Axe is the primary focus of that defence.

Aye axemen!


Consequent upon the decision reached by the  committee set up by the European regional head (Jn Ologbo) to immediately tackle the Italian issue, for which I was a member I  volunteered to meet with the prospective lawyers in Italy  whom the national Oc legal has been in correspondence with before now. The meeting was scheduled for Friday the 13th of January 2017.

The meeting started at about 16:50 pm Italian time, in attendance was myself, Mr. Buccadutri (Head of the legal firm) and his team of criminal lawyers, Ms. Caterina Saeli and Mr. Giuseppe Avarello respectively.

As the meeting kicked off, they inquired and needed me to tell them about NBM, who we are? what we do? What we represent? the size of our members? our aims and objectives etc? Responding, in summary, I told everything they want to know about NBM and finally took them to our website for them to catch a glimpse of all they need to know.

I also confirmed to them that NBM is yet to be registered in Italy but we have some members there whom we were projecting to register NBM in Italy and they are one of those arrested.

Subsequently, I told them categorically what NBM wants from them which is to;

(1). Represent NBM in the ongoing case in Italy where two or more of her members are being held in detention.

(2). Prove to the Italian government and police that NBM is not “BLACK AXE” and has no affiliation with them.

(3). NBM is not a criminal organisation and has never indulge in any criminal activity and as such has continued to disassociate with criminals.

(4). One cannot shy away from the fact that some persons or members might have committed a crime under the disguise of NBM and if such exist that person should be made to face the full wrath of the law without recourse to NBM.

(5). To prove to the Italian authorities that Jn Sixco and Jn Festus are members of NBM and not Black axe  

(6). And finally in the course of advocating for those we agreed to be our members, if there exist any provable evidence that they were involved in the crime levelled against them, NBM will not align with them any longer and they will be left alone to face prosecution in the hands of the Italian authorities.

(7). They should find out if there has been any previous judgement indicting Nbm as an organisation or any of her members in Italy, but this they said is not possible to trace without given reference or names of persons involved or a case number.


(i). Power of attorney to be signed by the National head of NBM authorising them to take up case in defence of our interest.

(ii). Registration certificate. To prove that we are registered in Nigeria.

(iii). Documents proving our interest in Italy.

(iv). Documents proving that Jn Sixco and Jn Festus are indeed members of NBM.

(v). Documents proving that Jn Sixco and Jn Festus are officially representing Nbm in Italy.

(vi). Full names and occupational status of the National head.

(vii). Full names and occupational status of those they are to highlight their names as NBM members that were arrested in Italy.

(viii). Proofs of how NBM has been in involved in charity and other activities in every part of the world where it was carried out.

(viiii). A publication or document showing that NBM is not Black axe and a document containing our mission statement.

(x). In addition, as a strategy, they would appreciate if we can come out publicly in form of an interview session to denounce BLACK AXE on any of the leading news TV station sighting the legal battle in Italy, it will go along way to mount pressure on the trial judge on this case in Italy. They promised also to involve those newspapers and TV stations whom they work with in Italy to issue publications that NBM is not Black axe.


(a). Demand compensation from Italian government for denting the image of NBM.

(b). Help to register NBM in Italy and any other European countries so requested.

(c). Stand in as NBM lawyers in the European region.


While in Palermo I decided to ask one or two persons living in Palermo what led to the massive arrest by police in Italy and I was told the following transpired on various occasions;

That there was a big fight 2 years ago in Palermo involving some lords who came from another city which resulted in casualties.

Also after that, two other fights involving some lords took place also on different occasions in Palermo with severe injuries recorded.

All these fights and casualties were reported to the police by the victims who told the police that there is a gang or mafia group called “BLACK AXE” being responsible for all these criminal acts. This was how the police started their initial investigation.

Now, there were three pple in police custody after the first fight 2 years ago and one of the three lords named EGHOSA in exchange for his freedom with a ten years sentence, and out of revenge is now co-operating with the Italian police. He gave out names and implicated all the other pple that were arrested including Jn Sixco and Jn Festus. Information also has it that some of those arrested have now accepted that they are members of Black axe but they don’t do crimes.

Beside all these, it is worthy to note that the name “NBM” is not involved in the current Italian saga but rather “BLACK AXE neither has NBM been accused of any act of criminality in Italy.

However, NBM’S intervention in this current saga should be seen solely because it has affected the head and former head of Italian zone in the person of Jn Sixco and Jn Festus whom we all know as genuine members of NBM and are genuinely working in Italy. Based on this, I am making the following recommendations as follows;

(1). That the involvement of Jn Festus and Jn Sixco   (Head and former head of Italian zone) is enough reason for NBM to go into this legal battle.

(2). After my meeting with the legal firm in Palermo Italy, I am absolutely convinced that they are competent enough to represent and defend the interest of the Movement in this Italian saga and also NBM in European region at large.

After a call was placed it was discovered that the time to act is now after which it will be impossible to pursue the case as time is no longer on our side, so I am suggesting  NBM to go ahead by signing the power of attorney which will be sent to the National Oc legal on Monday the 16th of January 2017.

Though the lawyers didn’t give 100 % guarantee winning the case but it is worth a try because I am optimistic that there is a window of opportunity in this Italian saga that will benefit NBM European region and the diaspora at large.

It is however regrettable that none of the Italian zonal member was available to assist me during this time and meeting in Palermo Italy. The meeting ended at about 19:50 pm.

They finally requested that the national Oc legal should authorise a copy to the European region through me of all future correspondence.

I am my brother’s keeper!

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