DATE: 01.07.2020.



1. Jn Tayo Olutoryor ( Lord Oba Kosoko) (Comtte chairman).
2. Jn Ede Omoregie (Lord Ibn Walata) (Member).
3. Jn Daniel Maurice (Lord Nelson Mandela) (Member).
4. Jn Terry Kakor (Lord Dan Faye) (Member).
5. Jn Ewa (Lord Sundiata Keita) (Member).

As empowered by the European Regional Head, Jn Macjean (Lord Marcus Garvey) we as members of this committee were set up to discuss, analyse and if possible draw out modalities and road map to restructure and reopen ITALY ZONE. 

After three (3) consecutive meetings held via WhatsApp, we unanimously agreed that if we are to restructure and restore NBM activities in ITALY ZONE, it MUST be under the following conditions/criterias;

1. That the zone before anything else should be legally registered with the appropriate authority in Italy as (NBM OF AFRICA ITALY ZONE).

2. That those whose names shall appear in the registration documents will be formally screened and verified to be duly blended, gainfully employed and are without any previous or current crime records. A proof of police character certificate will do.

3. That the zone will operate in a SUB ZONAL capacity with close supervision from the European Regional head for a minimum of two (2) years depending on the coordination and conportment of prospective members. 

4. A thorough screening and verification process for all prospective leaders and members as in the case of paragraph (1).

5. Prospective leaders and members should also meet up with the following criterias;

i. MUST possess an resident permit. Or Asylum permit. 
ii. Gainfully employed. 
iii. Produce an Italian police character certificate. 
iv. All prospective officers MUST be married.
v. Prospective members who cannot provide an Italian police character certificate MUST sign an “UNDERTAKING” that they will be of good character and conduct. 
vi. That most of the above criterias will form the basis and would be the bedrock of a new BYLAWS which shall be written in conjunction with the CARETAKER COMMITTEE in Italy. 

Afterwards, we also unanimously set aside the initial BYLAWS written by the CARETAKER COMMITTEE in ITALY on the basis that it lacked merits as it was obvious that the writer copied it from the NBM Constitution. 

After all said and done, we presented all we have agreed upon to the CARETAKER COMMITTEE in Italy as planned, we try to engage them to find a common ground to finalise and marry their own ideas altogether but surprisingly we were greeted with anger and hostility at the meeting which lasted for almost two hours via WhatsApp as it yielded no positive results.

1. It is obvious that the CARETAKER COMMITTEE members in Italy have their own separate agenda which will not be favorable to that of NBM. 

2. Couple of events in Italy most recently shows that the attitude of those presumed members in Italy will in no distant time once again drag the name of the Movement in the mud.

3. It is our intention that a situation where by there’s no enabling environment for NBM activities to foster in Italy, then it will be in the best interest for the National body to take a clear stand by making a publication in any of the print media denouncing the none existence of NBM activities in Italy and as such anyone parading himself as a member should be treated as an impostor and should be prosecuted.

4. Italy still remains a big treat to the existence of NBM in the European region therefore, NBM should tread with utmost caution.


1. Lord Oba Kosoko (Comtte chairman).2. Lord Ibn Walata 3. Lord Dan Faye4. Lord Nelson Mandela 5. Lord Sundiata Keita.

Aye axemen!!!

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