Gothenburg Currency Exchange Office Washed the Mafia Drug Money



(Google Translated)

A currency exchange office in Gothenburg is suspected to have washed the mafia drug money.

People with connections to the notorious Nigerian death gang Black Ax must have exchanged over SEK 700,000 in the office.

At the Customs Administration’s strike, around SEK 1.7 million was found in various payrolls.

The case is linked to the major drug case at Gothenburg District Court where 15 people are charged with particularly serious drug smuggling and particularly serious drug crime. Several of the defendants have links to Black Ax, a feared gang originating in Nigeria. The criminal network is described as both a death cult and a mafia and, in addition to drug crime, deals with human trafficking, according to Swedish authorities.

Two of the defendants in the drug case must have exchanged more than SEK 700,000 to the euro at the current exchange office in Gothenburg.

The trio is prosecuted

Now three people with links to the exchange office have been charged with serious money laundering crimes that are alleged to have taken place in 2018.

– This applies both to a representative of the exchange office and to two other persons with connections to the exchange office. My view is that the three together and intentionally have intentionally taken measures that have been aimed at concealing that the money comes from drug crime, ”says Gustav Nyström, chamber prosecutor at the Swedish Crime Agency in Gothenburg, in a statement.

According to the suspicions, the exchange office has distributed around SEK 10 million, sent both domestically and abroad, without checking the origin of the money and thus contributed to organized crime. The trio is therefore also charged with gross nutritional laundering.

Money in maple compartments

The investigation is a collaboration between the Swedish Criminal Authority, the Customs Administration and the Prosecutor’s Office. When the Customs Administration made a strike against the office, approximately SEK 1.7 million was found in various payrolls.

– The SEK 1.7 million is forged to some extent forfeited as an exchange of crimes and to another to be taken into custody in accordance with the Theft Act, says Chamber Prosecutor Gustav Nyström.

The preliminary investigation shows that the authorities have used, among other things, secret telephone interception and scouting.

The suspected trio denies crime.

Black Ax is established in several locations in Europe and has now been seen in Stockholm in addition to Gothenburg. The operations in Europe are based on Sicily where the gang, which collaborates with the mafia Cosa Nostra, established itself in connection with the wave of refugees in 2015.

The gang’s victims have testified, among other things, that they were extorted with the help of voodoo, black magic. The league will also use machetes in the event of violent crimes.

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