NBM Terrorism Wahala

It’s true when the NBM of Africa come out out and say that every organisation has it’s “bad eggs”. In the case of the NBM it’s evident that the bag eggs very heavily out number those who could be considered “good eggs”.

Here a ‘good egg’ has taken it upon himself to form the ‘Association for Better NBM of Africa’

Speaking out against the National Head of the time and the practice of government sponsored “terrorism” by members of the NBM and describing the NBM as been involved in “one of the bloodiest” events in Edo State.


Dear National Head,

When the Governor of Edo State Comrade Adams Oshiomhole appointed you

As a Special Adviser/Director of Youth and Social Mobilization, several of us were full of optimism and even went to make bold to disabuse the minds of other doubting Thomas who in their opinion conceive the move as bad omen for the Movement.

Our perception should not be regrettable since it was based on the fact that the same patronage was extended to top hierarchy of Eye Confraternity in the State.

       If you can recollect your first assignment was to mobilize Youths and ensure that your party win Akoko House of Assembly re-run election from PDP. Fortunately and unfortunately, the said election was between your party and PDP that was contested by an old lord, a former Temple Head ju name Aslem Agabi {Lord Fayinka}even though your excuse for allowing your over 100 tugs and lords from Zones in the East to harass and lay siege to his village house with rounds of ammunitions in the eve of the election was because he was not a due paying lord. We are also aware the same Lord contributed money for several of your programmes when you newly assumed office as the National Head. That election till date is on record as one of the bloodiest in the history of such event in Edo State .

       As if this was not enough, you again went and mobilize ayes from Futa Jallon and Ughelli to unleash yet another serious violence in another election in Etsako Central local government. The fortunate experience this time was that the election was purely between two lords and the level of tension was low, but we are aware of the encounter you had with the axe men you brought in from Ughelli and how they almost messed and disgraced you publicly when you refused to pay them for the mission accomplished after the election.

We are also aware the Governor gave you the sum of 5 Million naira as part of the mobilization funds, a racket you and three other lords including a former National Head presented to the Comrade Governor. To our shock and surprise you only gave 5 Thousand naira to the said former National Head.

         Your violent involvement in parties politics and elections again reared it’s ugly head last week in the recently concluded ACN primaries in your Constituencies when you were once again openly seen with over 50 lords and thugs shooting and unleashing terror, a situation that showed you and your mercenaries on one side and that of our other brother on the other. Information reaching us has it that you have been more of a bodyguard than friend to the said ju man with your group of lords and temple ayes surrounding your entourage. You openly ordered your troops to embark on sporadic shooting to scare away the supporters of the Lord’s concubine with unbridled impunity.

      It is no secret my National Head, that you did not deny the fact that you were openly supporting a ju man against a former National Head ju name Daniel Akhilele in the House Assembly and to make the matter worse you connived with the party leaders to the upturn the result of the said election which had earlier been announced and declared Lord Dan as the winner of the House of Assembly primary in that constituency. If you recollect my NH, our former National Head before coming out to run got your blessing and green light as a party leader and stakeholder in Esan land.  Prominent lords that were in village could not defend and clarify their ignorance of the shameful mission you were out to accomplish in Uromi, Ekpoma and environs.

    If we may quote your boss the Governor of Edo State in today Punch news paper page 10, “ … I have always campaigned to our people that election is not war and that the language of democracy is ballot box and ballot paper. I don’t see any justification for anyone to carry guns to an election area”.

      In line of the above we wonder if your mission is personal or your boss is only trying to deny you and your cohorts. We shall take the former because we hardly can believe Adam Oshiomhole will encourage internal violence in his party.

   To cut the long story short my National Head, the purpose of this letter is to remind you of the time, funds and energy temples, zones, past National Executives and individuals lords have spent to launder the image of the Movement in good

light and your recent actions have only proved otherwise as this has completely gone down the drain and we are now subjects of ridicule by our friends, associates and non participating members we have been trying to bring back to the fore.

      What moral justification my Head do you now have to preach peace and non violence to the younger ones in the Temples and Zones like Benin Zone where killing and maiming of lives has become a jamboree ?

 Don’t you think, my National Head that nobody has monopoly of violence and one day that the hunter might be hunted down in the cause of any of these terrorist attacks ?,

What happens to the Movement when a National Head is gunned down in a local election?

Where has the brotherhood oath you took during initiation gone?

Why has your appointment made you a hunter of fellow axe men and not the oppressors?

Why has your appointment that would have otherwise unite the Movement creating serious division and thus tearing the Movement apart?

Why for God sake has the good office of the National Head been so dragged to mud by miscreants and thugs you use in your elections?

Why have you performed creditably well to please yourself at the expense of NBM in general ?

Aye my Head please look into these issues and have a re-think.

Long Live our Movement.

Yours faithfully,

Association for Better NBM of Africa .

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