The NBM Murders – Feb 2020

The NBM Murders continue in February 2020….

On the 3rd Feb it’s reported that 22 NBM members in Lagos State are arrested and arraigned on two charges: conspired to commit murder and conducting themselves in a way likely to cause a breach of the public peace. The accused persons were alleged to have killed one Ajibola Muyideen, 40, Afolabi Onifade and four others.

On the 16th Feb it’s reported Lagos State police arrested the “most wanted Aiye Confraternity cult leader, Samora, and eight other members”… “for murder, armed robbery and other related offences”. Police sated ““The gang is responsible for a series of violent attacks and gang violence in Imota and environs. One of such violent attacks happened on February 12, at about 8.30 am  which led to the death of David  Nwanga, 30 , of Araro Adamo area”

On the 21st Feb it’s reported two are left dead following a battle between two cults. When “the dust had settled, two people including “Soko” have been butchered to death”. In another report further information is added that the victims were killed and their hands removed by members of the NBM.

Also on the 21st Feb it is reported that 15 people have been killed in the space of 4 days in Edo State relating to violence between the NBM and Eiye. Victims reportedly “mowed down in gruesome manner”.

On Feb 22nd it’s reported that after another clash in Lagos State between the NBM and Eiye “two persons had been hacked to death”.

On the 23rd Feb it’s reported Lagos State police arrest 17 cultists following a battle between NBM and Eiye. Which after “freely brandishing cutlasses and axes” left “many of the participants with various degrees of injuries”.

On the 24th Feb it’s reported 3 people have been killed in different clashes in Lagos State. Firstly NBM members kill two Eiye members who then followed with a reprisal attack leaving an NBM member dead.

On the 25th Feb it’s reported that 4 people are murdered in Benue State. Making it 5 people killed in 3 days following clashes between the NBM and “Red Axe”. A source who “did not want to be named said one Black Axe cult member was killed and in a reprisal attack, four Red members were killed including the pharmacist who was a Red member; he was shot in his shop”

Also on the 25th it’s reported that the Inspector General of Police has deployed a special team to Edo State to curb the killings. The latest violence between the NBM and Eiye there leaving the “son of a Benin Chief was shot and rushed to the hospital where doctors are battling to save him” and “A headless body suspected to be related to cult killing was Tuesday morning found”

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