“We Are All Black Axe”

Is the NBM the same organisation as the Black Axe?

Lord Hasting’s view: 

“Make I answer question 5 to the best of my knowledge. Firstly the national body knows we are all black axe even though they have openly denied the fact. but the truth of the matter is that NBM is a registered organisation/movement in Nigeria and has very prominent members and these members have high posts or positions in various organisations or societies. The Nigerian press and media have always called ayes killers, blood suckers, rapist, and 419 just to name a few. So because of the bad names the media and some ayes have in our various temples, the national body decided to disassociate themselves from temple ayes popularly known as black axe. For NBM to remain registered in Nigeria and the world as a whole, it must not be associated with killings, rape, armed robbery and the rest. Take for instance you are a senate president, inspector general of police, governor of the state or even a chairman or board of trustees in a company, will you come out and say you are a black axe member? The answer is NO! and the reason is simple you might end up losing your job.

Lets be honest, we dey enjoy the glory of say naija na corrupt country. the reason why i talk so na because NBM dey register and we get constitution. But we no dey follow the constitution. If Nigerian government serious about or matter, members of the national body and ayes in general will be arrested and sentenced simply because we dey break the rules of our own constitution and also the Nigerian constitution.

Lastly, another reason why NBM dey dis associate themselves from the black axe na like wetin happen recently for Germany. ayes were not allowed to participate in the Berlin carnival because SOMEONE wrote to the German authorities that they should not allow ayes “black axe” to gather. once we gather na to kill and cause trouble.  They were even given links on the internet to see the atrocities black axe has done in nigeria. We will still be back axe but we must use our 6 with the government and jus in general. I greet all axemen.


egede36 - BLACK AXE

4 thoughts on ““We Are All Black Axe”

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