An Expression of Love to the Inmates on Valentine’s Day

The NBM has donated $1000 worth of noodles to inmates at Warri Custodian Centre (formerly known as Okere Prison) in Delta State. A move that an official at the prison described as “an expression of love to the inmates on Valentine’s day”.

The NBM described it as “a way to identify with inmates”

I’d describe it as a way for the NBM to deliver noodles and bog roll to members in the State arrested and waiting trial for murder, armed robbery, kidnapping etc etc whilst getting their picture in the paper in the process.



WARRI: A group simply  identified as NBM of Africa has donated items valued at almost four hundred thousand naira to Warri Custodian Centre (formerly known as Okere Prison)  on Okere road, Warri,Delta state. Flanked by Chairman of the body in the state  Prince Ochuko Oyoroko,  ,Olorogun Reginald Asiuwhu,Zonal OC Legal and Pippa Ochuko ,Member Legal Committee the National OC Legal Forum  of the body Chief Kelvin Agbroko said the Welfare Visit was a way to identify with inmates. He further enjoined the inmates to take advantage of the correctional programmes offered by the Nigeria Correctional Service to be properly rehabilitated .

Continuing, he said they should know that they can still contribute meaningfully to society when they are released, adding that the NBM was ready to offer probono (free) legal services for inmates in need.  items donated include water dispenser, noodles ,toiletries,confectioneries. The Forum also undertook to take up cases of some indigent inmates. An official of the Custodian Centre, Mr Onyi Polinus who received the items thanked the donors, saying tit was an expression of love to the inmates on Valentine’s day. Other members of the group present were Nnamani Obiora , Tombrien Menekpo, Ogieriakhi Clement, Edirin Odiolio.and Wilson Ofoghoma .


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