Bergamo Head Busting Wahala

This a report of one lord who stay in Bergamo ju name JUDE (+39********99) stroge name OBA AKENZUA blended 2010 at Benin zone.

On sunday a groove was at Brembate sopra(Bergamo) very close to my house, and i was invited by ju name Osas, when i got there i saw ju name Jude he ask me to drop him at ponte train station when an going i say ok, so we where together,suddenly i did not see ju name Jude i check for him he was no where to be found then i went home.After about five minites ju name osas call me to inform me that there is cops in that groove because Jude has bust a boy head at the same time Jude called me that i should please come and carry him from the groove i went to pick him, i asked him why did he burst the boy head he denied until i find out that it was true, then i called 3 lords in the town to tell me more about him i find out that he is a constitutor in the town that he did this same thing with one lord ju name Austine that was why he when to Nigeria for blending i believe this great movement will not accommodate this kind of act that is the reason i tender this issue to the zone for observation of ju name Jude.

Lord Abela Titular Crier 2 Italian Zone

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