Brescia Drunken Wahala


The Brescia inter-talk/seminar commenced @5:10pm with 14 lords in attendance,Lord thiogo wantiogo was the emergengy cp, introduction of lords present was followed and NBM anthem was recited, LP was sang to make the house colorful. Lord thiogo wanthiogo advised lords on issue concerning onelove among our self.

Lord el kanemi told the house that Lord ibin godidi (zonal Head) is on his way to this IT and all lords should be of good conduct and behave their self, Lord nnmadi azikiwe (ju name Ehis) added to what lord el kanemi said by telling the house that we should be very happy and privileged to have our zonal Head in brescia. lord bizingo (Ju name Eghe) asked if the zonal head is coming for our inauguration, Lord el kanemi replied by telling him that our zonal Head is coming to give a seminar not for our inauguration and Brescia as a city has not meet up to the requirement and we all are still in the process.

Lord El kanemi read the requirement needed for operating a neighborhood and told the house that we elected our chairman in our first IT, which was an over sight and was suppose to be number 5 in the requirement but all the same we have done number 5 in the requirement and we should work together to successfully have our neighborhood.Lord sudiata kaiyita( ju name police) asked if our elected neighborhood chairman has been accredited by the zone? He replied and said No but he will do so very soon.

At 8:01 the zonal head arrived with his B1, B2 and verona neighborhood chairman and verona neighborhood B1.

Lord ibin godidi(Head) started by telling lords in brescia to do away from violence and the days of temple behavior is over. If you feel too rugged, why don’t you go to reggio emilia where earthquake happened and donate 2 euro instead of thinking about violence. He also added and said how can a lord enter a train without a train ticket and when he is later sent to the deportation camp, the same lord will start complaining that italians are racist. How can a lord walk up to another guy(ju) and slap or beat him up just because he is an axeman.

We should all work together to make Italian zone one of the best zone in the world. Lord Ibin godidi(Head) ask lord bula wire (ju name marvel) to explain the meaning of July 7, he stood up and said, it is a day were all Ayes come together and flex, Lord ibin godidi (Head) corrected marvel and told him that july 7 is not just to come together and flex. He later added and told the house about july 7 coming up in Padova and the dressing code is black and white or Regalia (African wear) and the time is 5pm till 00 hours.
Lord bula wire(Ju name marvel )was asked to tell the house a brief history of Bula wire, He replied and said that bula wire is a freedom fighter. Lord ibin godidi (Head) asked him if that is the only thing he knows about bula wire, he replied yes.

Ju name marvel was asked to tell the house what really went wrong that he had to slap a grown up man. He replied and said, that very day he was with lord walter susulu(ju name collins) and lord Marcus Garve (ju name Oz) he was drunk already and slept off in the parco so when he woke up, the two lords started calling him Obote for drinking and sleeping in the parco even a ju came around and laughed at him when he was sleeping. He asked the two lords where is the ju that was laughing at him they pointed at one boy, he walked up to the boy and slapped him twice. Lord ibin godidi (Head) told his B2 to discharge his duty by giving ju name mavel 22 jenet.

Lord Ibin godidi (Head) asked Lord walter susulu (ju name collins) to tell the house how everything happened because he was there. he narrated a similar story but disagreed that no body told ju name marvel that a ju came and laughed at him, He woke up and just went to the boy, slapped him for no reason. Lord ibin godidi (Head) also told lord Marcus Garve to narrate his own side of the story, which he did. Lord Marcus Garve (ju name Oz) told the house that when ju name marvel woke up they told him that he has been sleeping for over 2 hours and so many ju’s have been passing by. Then marvel woke up walked up to a certain ju close to them and slapped him twice.

Lord Ibin godidi(Head) asked Lord El kanemi (ju name Hennessy) if he was there when the whole incident happened and if what ju name Oz said is correct, Lord El kanemi replied and said yes. Lord Ibin godidi(Head) asked the zonal B2 to give Lord Bula wire (ju name marvel) 30 jenet and placing an embargo on him to stay away from alcohol in any public place for a period of 3 months.

Lord ibin godidi (Head) told Lord sodiata kaiyita(ju name police) to stand up and tell the house why he collected money from a zonal exco and lied to him that you wanted to use it to travel along with them to the IT held at marche region which he never attended. Lord ibin godidi told him to fall out for 20 jenet.

Lord Austin momento (ju name wizzi) raised another issue concerning some lords that drink and misbehave, he later use Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) as an example. Lord nnmadi Azikiwe (ju name Ehis) added by saying ju name Eghe do get drunk and become too violent. Ju name Eghe was asked by the zonal Head if what these lords just said are true, he replied and said No. Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) told the house that what these lords are saying are things that happen last year and since this year he have been of good conduct. Lord El kanemi (ju name hennessy) told the house that Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) use to be too aggressive when he drinks but he have not seen eghe in such act again.

Lord ibin godidi(head) asked four lords to observe and contribute on the issue concerning ju name Eghe. the four lords that contributed were Lord Sodiata Kaiyita(ju name police), Lord lourent Kabilla (ju name kizzo. zonal B1), Lord Muta muta Baruka(ju name John. Verona neighborhood chairman) and Ju name atekha (verona neighborhood B1).

Lord Ibin godidi (Head) asked ju name Eghe to fall out for 30 jenet but later reduced to 20.

Lord El kanemi was ask to fall out for 20 jenet for taking laws into his hand when marvel was drunk but later reduced to 8.

Lord walter Susulu (ju name Collins) was asked to fall out for 30 jenet by the zonal Head for slapping a fellow lord and fighting the lord with his eiye brother but later reduced to 20.

The closing prayer was said at 11:59pm by the emergency cp.

FJ 2 2002
Brescia Caretaker committee Member

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