Temple Wahala – NBM’s Most Wanted

Wanted Dead or Alive…. 25,000 Naira reward! 

Another instance of NBM meddling in the university system. Something they claim (lies) to have removed themselves from in 1994. Their presence in the university system is highly illegal under Nigerian law.

In this case the NBM have issued a “Most Wanted” notice for 5 Temple Ayes including the former FJ1 Temple Head, former Udi Temple Head, former FJ1 Chairman, former Ashanti High Temple Head and the former Nge High Temple Head. 

Whats very curious about this notification is that the former officials are standing accused of “operating closed down temples” and yet the notification states “The temple CP is to take over the leadership of the temple immediately”

Wouldn’t then the CP be operating (illegally) a closed down temple? 


Aye! Axe-men,
On the orders of the National Head,  FJ1 & Nge High Temple Heads and chairmen are hereby deaxed.
The temple CP is to take over the leadership of the temple immediately.
Also, the NEXCO has also declared a manhunt on the following deaxed persons for carry out various heinous crimes, illegal blending and operating closed down temples.
1. Wisdom Oboh ( former Udi Temple Head )
2. Osasu ( former FJ1 head)
3. Nicholas (former FJ1 C-man)
4. Uyabeme Ijeoma Martins (former Ashanti High Temple Head )
5. Maye (Former Nge High Temple Head )
If apprehended,  they should be taken to the nearest Police Station and a call put through to the National Eye (08******** ).
The NEXCO is given the sum of twenty five thousand naira (N25, 000) to anyone that can help apprehend any of these men.
Also, the following persons are hereby placed on indefinite suspension for forcefully leading Lords and Ayes in Isoko Sub-zone to renunciation through sworn affidavit:
1. Ibave Raphael (Lord Oba Akenzua
2.  Epike Blessing (Lord Marcus Garvey)
The National Head have also directed the leadership of the Kwale Zone to swing into full action and stop the proposed jolly by Kanta Ethiopia II High Temple today.

Aye! Axe-men,
Lord Ibn Walata
( National Eye )


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