Zonal, Regional and National Elections

Felix Kupa only a matter of days away from relinquishing the position of National Head after serving two terms between 2016-2020. 

Insight into how the Zonal, Regional and National elections are held:


ZONAL ELECTIONS ( Jan 16 – Feb 26  )

1. Section 14, Sub Section 6.
(c).The zonal exco shall screen applicants, other than members who are such by virtue of their position in the z-exco or are serving in the zcoe as former Zh or former Zcoe chairman, for the Zcoe and shall refer successful candidates to the Congress of the zone for election.

2. Section 15, Subsection 8.
(a). The Zcoe shall screen and elect candidates for the Z-exco of the zone and present the elected candidates for ratification by the zonal congress.

3. Section 15, Subsection 9.
The Zcoe shall enforce the following sequence for electing the various officials at the zonal level.

a). The Z-exco shall receive applications and screen candidates for the Zcoe and the 2 zonal representatives to the Ncoe. The officers will be elected by the congress of the zone.

b). The elected Elders will then elect an incoming Chairman from amongst themselves.

c). All elected Rh’s, Z-Heads, Zcoe Chairmen and Representatives to the Ncoe will be sworn in and inaugurated into the Ncoe at the Ncoe meeting of the convention.


1. Section 13 Subsection 1.
(d). The RH shall be elected by the ZH’s, Chairmen of ZCOE and members of the NCOE within a region.

e). The Regional Heads election shall be by secret ballot.

f). Where the Rh is participating as a candidate in the said Regional Headship Election, the N-Exco shall appoint an officer from the N-Exco or any other member of the organisation as it mat deem fit to preside over the election, in such a manner that will reflect true democracy, transparency and fair play to all concerned.


1. Section 10, Subsection 2.
c). The election of the Chairman and the Scribe shall be at the first Ncoe meeting held during the convention where the N-Exco officers are also elected.

d). The said Ncoe meeting shall be convened and presided over by the outgoing Chairman to conclude the business of the Ncoe such as :

i. Electoral appeals and the setting up of an ad-hoc independent electoral committee of three (3) members chosen from amongst Ncoe members who shall conduct the election of the officers of the N-Exco.

ii. The Nh will thereafter dissolve the old Ncoe and inaugurate the newly elected R-Heads, Z-Heads, Zcoe Chairmen, the 2 representatives/National Elders from zones into the Ncoe who shall then elect a Chairman and Scribe from among the non-statutory members.


Any candidate that is not satisfied with the result of the election for Z-Exco and Z-Coe has 14 days from the date election was held and winner declared, to appeal to the Region through the Regional Head.
The Region that is (ZH’s, Zcoe Chairman, and members of the NCOE within the region) shall constitute itself into an election petition trial committee for the purpose of resolving petitions arising from the conduct of elections at the Zones.

Any candidate for Regional Head who is not satisfied with the result of the elections, has 7 days from the date the elections were held to appeal to the Nexco through the National Head, and Nexco shall constitute itself into an election petition trial committee for the purpose of resolving petitions arising from the conduct of elections for Regional Head.


All appeals to the Ncoe concerning elections into the Z-Exco, Zcoe and Rh, shall be sent to the Scribe of the Ncoe before the date announced for the Ncoe meeting, and shall be heard and resolved at the Convention Ncoe as final appellate body.

Kaduna Nzeogwu I Ncoe scribe

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