Felix Kupa Wahala

Felix Kupa causing a members death (in the opinion of another Axeman) after allegedly threatening to break his legs, ordering NBM thugs to forcibly remove him from his room and then leaving him to die.



Aye Axemen,

Maximum greetings my National head. I wish to register my sincere and candid opinion on the recent happenings in our great movement, it is pertinent to note that I’ve the absolute right as an Axeman to ask questions in certain situations and seek clarifications in dicey matters. More so, I am privileged as an Axeman to check and balance any Axeman, irrespective of social status or office, that goes contrary to our tenets, beliefs and above all, contravenes the constitution of our organisation.

The provision of article 6; section 2, subsection 3 of our constitution, clearly states the process of removal of any National or zonal COE member. “In the event that any Principal Officer of the National / Zonal Council of Elders is found wanting in the discharge of his duties or of gross misconduct, he shall be suspended or removed from office by two-third majority of the members present at the Council meeting where the matter is resolved. With due respect, you clearly went against the provision of our constitution when you unilaterally suspended the late Cele. As we all know, Cele was a man who would never allow a null and void pronouncement affect his fellowship. You openly promised to break his legs if he came anywhere close to the NCOE IT. Out of fear, he didn’t come to the gathering, rather he  booked a room and remained there and that he did out of love for the movement. How you knew he was in his room is still a mirage, you pronounced that he be bundled out of the hotel premises. I never knew NBM had the power to eject customers from hotels they do not own. Axemen had to obey your pronouncement, they barged into the corridor and banged his door, late Cele started crying, they want to kill me echoed in the ears of all Axemen present in that corridor. Not until, one or two Axemen promised they weren’t going to touch him, which they eventually never did, he opened his door and was escorted outside the hotel. However, we cannot rule out the shouting and pushing, that’s typical of Axemen in such a scenario. The hotel management tried to intervene, but they couldn’t due to the number of Axemen present in the hotel. Shortly after he was escorted outside, he started acting funny and asked a lord to help him with his drugs from room 106, a room he paid for from his pocket, meaning he had the right to be in that premises. Unfortunately, it was too late, they rushed him to the hospital and the Doctor confirmed his BP was 220/150, at this rate, stroke was imminent. I do not want to recount the gory tales of this Man’s death, he was in pains from Saturday evening to Monday morning, until his untimely death.

From the circumstances surrounding his death, you killed him. If you had allowed him to remain in his room that evening , he never would have had reasons to fear. This fear made his blood pressure rise which eventually led to his death. Your high handedness, autocratic, draconian and Machiavellian tendencies have done more harm than good to NBM. Your regime as NH has been marred by suspension and deaxation notice everywhere. A lot has happened since you took over the reins of power, but this is something that cannot be swept under the carpet, else Korofo would squeeze life out of us.

With the trend of events so far, I humbly demand your resignation as National Head of the NBM, you are not fit to be our leader. The most annoying part of the whole thing was your sarcastic condolence message your foot soldier in the east and best confidant yet you treated him like an animal. After conferring with my lawyers, you can be charged with manslaughter, that is involuntary murder. There are enough evidence and witnesses already.

I do anticipate responses from your stooges and sycophants who cannot differentiate their left from their right. All I’ll say is, if all you did was right in the eyes of Olodumare, may this case die a natural death, but if all I’ve said is true, then may thunder and brimstones fall on those who would attempt to malign and disparage who person and may it never be well with them. I await your resignation my NH.

Eghagha Eseoghene
Lord Nelson Mandela
Member Ibadan Zone

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